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One of my favourite things to do after a long day and on the weekends when I stay at home is the very unsocial activity of ‘YouTubing’. However, there are only certain categories of videos that I watch. While most of my friends are watching music videos and movie trailers, I’ll be watching lifestyle and beauty videos! I’m on YouTube eagerly waiting for a new video to be uploaded from my favourite YouTubers that I’m subscribed to. Make up tutorials are by far the ones I most look forward to watching because I’m always so excited to see how I can achieve those red carpet worthy looks for events that I attend. And recreating looks is so enjoyable, even on a lazy weekend! Here, I’ve assembled my Top 3 Favourite Make Up Artists on YouTube! (coincidentally, they’re all British.)


Tanya Burr    

Tanya Burr is a 23 year old British makeup artist who began making YouTube videos in 2009. She worked for brands including Laura Mercier and Clinique before she shot to stardom, with over 61 million views on her channel. Her YouTube video collection boasts makeup tutorials, reviews, hauls and overall beauty information which are all both informative and entertaining at the same time. Just from viewing her YouTube videos, it’s evident that Tanya is passionate about what she does and can really connect with her viewers. What I personally love about her is that her personality shines through her videos and it’s infectious, especially the little bloopers she adds to the end of sometimes! She’s very down to earth, sweet but professional at the same time. She features both high end products from Chanel, Illamasqua and Dior, to brands everyone can afford such as Rimmel London, Maybelline New York and Revlon. Her videos feature original looks by her, red carpet looks and celebrity makeup looks. They’re all wearable and are able to be achieved at home with products many already have at home.

Her second YouTube channel provides videos and fun insights into her life from attending red carpet events and fashion shows to baking cookies at home and her everyday life.

Her blog produces in-depth reviews on products and is highly enjoyable to read.

YouTube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/TanyaBurr

Second YouTube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/tanyasvlogsandhauls

Blog: http://www.tanyaburr.co.uk/



Pixiwoo consists of sisters Nicola Haste and Samantha Chapman who are both makeup artists based in the UK (they are also both working mums). Their channel has over 950,000 subscribers, nearing the 1 million mark with 152 million (!!!) views of their videos. They have over 15 years of experience as professionals in their field and are a part of many business ventures. Samantha Chapman is the brain behind the ‘Real Techniques’ makeup brush range that is loved my many, me included and TWO Magazine. They also feature on numerous YouTube channels apart from their own. Their own YouTube videos provide a wide range of makeup tutorial looks from casual day makeup, red carpet looks to Halloween and everything in between. The sisters have the ability to create stunning makeup looks while discussing the products they are using and also how to apply them properly. Each video is detailed and you can see exactly how a look is produced so that you at home can recreate it. Though it is not to the point where you feel as though the videos are too long. Most of the time, I don’t even realise how long one of their tutorials are because it is so enjoyable to watch. Reviews on products are also filmed and uploaded to their YouTube Channel.

Their second YouTube channel includes many behind the scenes videos, vlogs, additional makeup tutorials that may not have made it to their main channel, special features such hair tutorials, challenges and chats about makeup.

The Pixiwoo website provides reviews, new products, launch events and makeup reports from fashion runways all around the world and much more.

YouTube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/pixiwoo

Second YouTube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/pixiwoomadness

Website/ Blog: http://www.pixiwoo.com/


Lisa Eldridge

Lisa Eldridge is a renowned professional makeup artist from the UK. She has worked with many famous celebrities all around the world through her work as a makeup artist on magazine shoots that include for issues of Vogue and Elle all around the world. She also boasts an impressive celebrity clientele and has worked with Chanel and No.7. Her YouTube channel contains makeup tutorials and advice as well as beauty tips for women of all ages. She has done tutorials on teenagers to the more mature lady and provides many tips along the way, with each product that she uses, featured on a title bar in the video as she uses it. I find this particularly useful as the viewer is then able to clearly see what product has been used where, and how its been applied. The majority of products that she uses are quite high end, however, it does not take away from her videos as products can easily be changed and swapped to fit within budgets as she demonstrates. The manner in which she presents herself and her videos is very professional and insightful.

Her website features her videos as well as posts about her work on shoots and projects and she gives a background on what each look was based on.

YouTube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/lisaeldridgedotcom

Website/ Blog: http://www.lisaeldridge.com/


Do you have a favourite make up artist and follow their work? Who are they and what do you most like about them? What’s the best tip you’ve learnt from them in regards to makeup? Leave a comment below!


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