MUA Glitter Eyeliners – Review and Swatches

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As some of you may know MUA or Make Up Academy is a British makeup company that provides affordable makeup at low prices. They are well known for their bb creams and eye shadow palettes but have a wide range of products that include: eyeliners, nail polishes, bronzers and powders. I was first introduced to them by British MUA’s Pixiwoo who have used their products on their YouTube tutorials.

A while back, MUA held a 50% off and free international shipping to celebrate their 50000 Facebook fans. As I had never tried any of their products, I took advantage of the offer to purchase a number of their products, of which, included Glitter eyeliners. I purchased them in 4 shades: Night Sky, Glitter Shade 4, Iced and Glitter Shade 2.

mua makeup academy Glitter eyeliners Night Sky Glitter Shade 4 Iced Glitter Shade 2-Optimized

Unfortunately, I was disappointed by two of them: Night Sky and Glitter Shade 4 but pleased by the other two which were Iced and Glitter Shade 2.


Night Sky  – The consistency of this shade was much more different then to the the other 3. It’s of a watery consistency compared to a thicker formula. As such, when applied, the eyeliner doesn’t apply as a black eyeliner with glitter, instead, it gives little colour with sparse glitter that fails to hold. When trying to apply another layer, it removed the first layer and left a wiped out look. I was so disappointed in this. One positive that I did find, if you could classify it as that, was that after using another black eyeliner and letting it dry, I then applied this glitter liner on top to add some glitter pigments, though it took a lot for it to be noticeable.

Glitter Shade 4  – While this wasn’t as disappointing as the black, I found that in this shade, the formulation was different too. What was evident was a glitter glue like smell when first opening the tube, though it wasn’t strong. The glitter is a larger size then the others and because of that, when I tried to go over it a second time, it did lift and wipe away some of the first layer. It is a bit more wet compared to Iced and Glitter Shade 2 and so it took longer to dry. However, it did last all day like the others. Because of these factors, this glitter eyeliner would be classified as ‘okay’.


Iced and Glitter Shade 2 – These glitter eyeliner really impressed me. The brush applicator picks up just the right amount of the formula and it easily applies to the eye in a precise line. The glitter eyeliner lasts all day without any fall out.  For such a bargain price, these are truly quality products. The amount of glitter is quite substantial and so pigmentation with the glitter is very good, you’re able to achieve a great coverage with just one dipping of the brush into the tube. The glitter is the right size not to cause any scratching or irritation to the eyes at all, even when removing.

mua makeup academy Glitter eyeliners Night Sky Glitter Shade 4 Iced Glitter Shade 2 swatches-Optimized

On days when I’m not wearing any eyeshadow, I love either applying this on its own on my lash line or above a thin line of black eyeliner to add a bit of drama to otherwise plain eyes.


Do you know any great glitter eyeliners or have you tried these? Would you try out a glitter liner? Leave a comment below!


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