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A while back, the UK makeup brand MUA (Makeup Academy) held a 50% off and free international shipping promotion to celebrate reaching 50,000 likes on their Facebook page. To say the least, the sale turned into a frenzy with people all over the world wanting to get their hands on their products at really discounted prices, which saw the website crash many a time and customers being very vocal about their feelings through Facebook. I was lucky enough to have been able to access the site at a time where there wasn’t too much traffic, although there was an issue regarding PayPal confirming the order but not MUA. This was an issue many faced as well as not receiving their orders, though thankfully I received mine.

Mega Haul MUA (Makeup Academy) Haul – Reviews and Swatches-min

As I had never tried any of their products before but had heard great reviews through YouTube and beauty blogs, I purchased a range of products.


– MUA Lipstick – Shade 5 & Shade 15 (Price – £1)

As with any lipsticks, it’s hard to get a completely accurate image of the shade especially when on a computer screen but the shades I chose to purchase were close to the image colours on the MUA website.

ImageThese lipsticks apply very easily with a creamy feel to the lips and has a soft vanilla scent. When they’re first applied, they are quite glossy but after time can change to a semi matte to matte finish depending on the shade. However, the non glittery shades are the ones which tend to do this.  They’re comfortable to wear and there is no drying or sticky feeling that’s left on the lips, though I would suggest applying a moisturising lip balm underneath during the winter months to ensure this as lips can be naturally dry during this period. The non shimmery shade (Shade 15) is very pigmented whereas the one containing glitter/shimmers (Shade 5) colour payoff would be comparable to a tinted lip balm. At the bottom of the lipstick capsule, you are able to screw off the shade window and find a little sample pot of the lipstick.

In my experience, these lipsticks last about 5 hours on me without me having to reapply or touch up. For their price, they are very good value and quality.


– MUA Lip Boom – Shade OMG (Price – £3)

Make Up Academy’s description of this product on its website is the most accurate way to describe it:

Lipstick and highlighting gloss that creates fuller curvaceous lips for a dramatic illusion of volume. There are 4 amazing ways to transform your lips and give them some Boom!

1. Lipstick alone for a matte look.
2. Lipstick with highlighter applied just to the centre of your lips to create a full volume illusion.
3. Lipstick with highlighter all over for a super-glossy look.
4. Highlighter alone for a sheer pearl finish.       – MUA

ImageThis is a great 4 in 1 product as there are numerous ways for this to be worn.  The quality of the lipstick is on par with the quality of the above mentioned lipsticks and the gloss that accompanies it is great as it doesn’t leave a sticky feeling on the lips. It has a sweet, almost caramel scent to it. One issue I did have with the lipgloss was that the applicator, for some reason isn’t able to reach any of the product in the tube and so I use a lip brush instead but other than that small downfall (it may just be my product that does this), it’s a great product that I choose to wear out to parties as it’s so convenient in just one tube. There’s no need to bring a separate lipstick and gloss.


– MUA Pro Brow (Ultimate Eyebrow Kit) (Price – £3.50)

The MUA brow kit comes in a handy compact with 3 shades, a setting gel, mirror, tweezers and a brush, all for £3.50! It really is a bargain! The 3 shades are: a dark brown, a dirty brown colour and a sandy brown which you can use separately or blended together to find the perfect shade to match your natural brow colour. The powders are quite dusty and dry but still easy to apply. It’s actually a positive as eyeshadows that are more creamy can make the brows look very unnatural and glued onto the face in a way. You can also use the lighter shades to highlight the brow bone. The clear setting brow gel helps hold the brows in place and sets the colour to last. This set is perfect for achieving a defined yet natural looking brow. Image

– MUA Professional Eye Primer (Price – £2.50)

This is one of the eye primer I wear during the day. It comes with a doe foot applicator that I use to apply it onto my eyelids and then blend out using a finger, though this is just a personal preference. Easily blendable onto the eyes, this eye primer does what it promises as it helps eyeshadows last longer with no fading and creasing. It’s great to use during the day, however, I personally have oily eyelids and do need to use a primer and have noticed on days where it is hotter, the primer isn’t effective enough as my eyeshadow does crease. This may not be the case for those of you who don’t necessary need to use a primer. For a budget price, this eye primer is good, however, its effectiveness and quality isn’t comparable to say, Urban Decay’s Primer Potion.


– MUA Glitter Eyeliner (Price – £1.00)

A few blog posts back, I wrote a full review with swatches regarding this product. You can find it here:


– MUA Waterproof Eyeliner (Price – £1.00)

ImageThis product is by far, my favourite liquid eyeliner that I have ever tried. Its thin pointed applicator allows for precise thin lines to the thicker more dramatic eyeliner looks so easily. One dry, it absolutely does not move, flake, melt or fade away for the whole day. To me, this is a holy grail product and will definitely be purchasing this again and again. The applicator brush is flexible so you can use it a number of ways but its stiffness and sturdiness ensures that precise lines are made. The formula itself is very long lasting and pigmented. It’s a must have!


Face Products:

Image– MUA Matte Foundation (Price – £2.00)

Out of all the face products by MUA that I own, this matte foundation is my favourite. While it’s a thicker formula than most bb creams and foundations, it’s blendable into the skin and gives a seamless finish. It looks as though you aren’t wearing anything but still gives you coverage! I would say that it’s a light to medium coverage depending on how much you apply but it does cover some redness on the skin which is great. While it isn’t 100% matte, it gives the skin a smooth finish.

– MUA Matte Perfect Shine Control Foundation (Price – £2.00)

As you can see, I purchased this in the lightest shade and it is still much too dark for my skin so I haven’t used it at all. It’s quite an orangey and muddy shade that I wasn’t at all impressed with. As you can see from the swatch, it doesn’t really have a matte finish when applied. This swatch was on my arm (which is not oily at all) so I can only imagine what it would be like applied on someone with oily skin. I don’t think it would mattify the skin unfortunately.

– MUA BB All in One Beauty Balm (Price – £4.00)

This BB cream has a medium coverage and has a thick consistency, which means it does take a little longer to apply however, it is definitely worth it. I would suggest to most people to powder after using this as it does give a shine to the face that isn’t always wanted. Powdering will also help it last longer as it is after all, only a bb cream. It doesn’t cover all blemishes but the coverage is very good to use on a daily basis and gives a smooth finish.




In terms of eyeshadows, I purchased 3 different palettes but bought 2 of each because I had heard great things about them and they were also so unbelievably cheap! I’ve photographed the new backup palettes as the ones I have used are a bit battered and bruised. I absolutely love all of these palettes equally.


– MUA Undressed Palette (Price – £4.00)

ImageThis palette has often been compared to Urban Decay’s Naked Palette due to the very similar shades it includes, although there are slight variations. For anyone who is looking for an inexpensive dupe of the Naked Palette then this is for you. The shades in this palette are so wearable and easy to apply. The disappointing shades in this palette are shade 3 and shade 5, while they are the only matte shades, pigmentation is very disappointing. But that is the only downfall. The majority of the shades are metallic and give a great finish when applied, the pigmentation payoff is also amazing for such a budget buy. The MUA eyeshadows last quite well on the eye, however, I always use an eye primer because my eyelids are quite oily and cannot hold eyeshadow without it creasing.


– MUA Going for Gold Palette (Price – £4.00)

ImageThis was a limited edition palette created to celebrate the 2012 London Olympics, filled with Gold, Silver and Bronze shades! However, it is still available on the website. All of the shades in the palette are shimmery and therefore, look great when applied, but I was disappointed in shade 6 as it was quite hard to build up the colour as it wasn’t very pigmented. Application is quite easy, though I have experienced some fall out when applying these eyeshadows if I don’t tap the excess off the brush. Once again, these are of a metallic finish but aren’t classified as frosty. It’s a great palette for nights out and the range of gold, silver and bronze tones will suit everybody!


– MUA Heaven and Earth Palette (Price – £4.00)


All the shades in this palette are shimmery/metallic and give a great colour payoff, even without a primer or base underneath to further amplify the colour. With this palette, there can also be a little fallout when applying but this can easily be avoided by tapping off any excess that is on the brush before application. For someone like me who is a fan of nudes and shimmers, it’s a great base palette to have and can easily be used day or night to create appropriate looks depending on where you’re going.


During the sale I also purchased:

– MUA Pro-Base Makeup Fixing Mist (Price – £5.00)

– MUA Extreme Curl Mascara (Price – £2.00)

– MUA Mega Volume Mascara (Price – £3.00)

– MUA Every Lash Mascara (Price – £3.00)

ImageUnfortunately, I haven’t had a chance to use any of these as I countless mascaras that are already open and need to be used up (I’m a mascara hoarder). I also am still trying to finish off a setting spray before I begin using the MUA one. Although, prior to purchasing these, I did quite a lot of research and all of these products have received rave reviews, especially the MUA Pro-Base Makeup Fixing Mist, so it’s definitely something to look into if you are considering purchasing any MUA products!

All in all, I am so impressed by MUA’s quality and range of products that they sell. For such affordable prices, their products go beyond the expected level of quality and are great investment purchases. I will definitely repurchase some of the items I already own as well as and purchase new products that have been released since I made this purchase. I’m just hoping for another big promotion!  Currently, Australians can only purchase MUA products through the MUA website ( ) as MUA is not stocked in any of our retailers.


Do you own any MUA products? What do you think about the quality and what are you favourite products or ‘want to gets’? Leave a comment below!


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