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ImageImage Source: http://www.thehothits.com/news/39633/katy-perry-unveils-royal-new-scent,-%27killer-queen%27

Just two days ago, singer Katy Perry revealed her 3rd fragrance ‘Killer Queen’ during a launch party at the James B. Duke Mansion in NYC. After working on this fragrance for over a year, the bottle design was revealed and wow, is it a big change from her 2010 fragrance Purr which was followed by 2011’s Meow (of which, I own both). The bottle is shaped as a gem with a red ombre colouring. The bottle lid is reminiscent of a crown and the bottle even comes with its own stand! In one promotional image, the bottle looks as if it could be the head of a royal scepter!

ImageImage Source: http://www.thehothits.com/news/39633/katy-perry-unveils-royal-new-scent,-%27killer-queen%27

I believe that this fragrance, Killer Queen, is reflective of Katy Perry’s own transformation from a quirky songstress to a sophisticated woman in recent months. While no description of the scent has been revealed, Katy tweeted:

“Just had an elegant unveiling of my new fragrance ‘KILLER QUEEN’ at the Duke! Can’t wait to share the royal juice! so sophisticated.”

Hinting that it may be a more sophisticated scent than the sweet fruity and floral fragrances of Purr and Meow.

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Many prefer to steer clear of celebrity fragrances and the hype it causes, however, I personally own both of Katy Perry’s previous fragrances and am a huge fan of them both. The scents suit my personality and smells amazing, has great lasting power and I always find myself being complimented on for the fragrance.


Are you a fan of Celebrity fragrances or even Katy Perry’s fragrances? What do you think of Killer Queen? Leave a comment below!


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