Violet Box – June 2013 – Review – First / Launch Box

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Today I have a very exciting review to share with you all! It’s a review of the very first Violet Box. For those of you who don’t know, Violet Box is a beauty subscription box, similar to Lust Have It and Bella Box in which you receive samples of both skincare/makeup/hair care. Violet Box states on their website that you will ‘receive 4-6 premium beauty samples’. The cost of Violet Box is $22.95 per month but there are also small discounts when purchasing subscriptions for 3, 6 and 12 months (3 months for $66.00, 6 months for $130 and 12 months for $250). You can check out their website here. They will also be launching a reward point system as well as the beauty shop when you can purchase any of the items included in the boxes.

As I said, this was the launch box of Violet Box and there weren’t many hints at all about what the contents could be or the brands included prior to the boxes being sent and opened. This was also my first ever subscription box – I was tossing up whether to subscribe to Bella Box or Lust Have It when I was first informed about Violet Box on a beauty forum and was really excited at the concept as it really appealed to me with the ‘premium’ part of their advertising. As a student I don’t have much money to spend on brands other than the usual ‘drugstore’ brands and I’ve always be interested in beauty and this was a great way to trial products that I may never have even heard of or been able to afford.

Now down to the review!


Shipping and Delivery:

Violet Box stated that all boxes were shipped by courier on the 15th of June from their warehouse (in Melbourne). I received mine in the morning of the 17th of June (in Sydney). While it wasn’t a long wait at all for my Violet Box to arrive, I was really excited when it finally did come! I woke up to find the Couriers Please Express package in front of my front door as it was placed inside, through my security gate as with Violet Box delivery, it states that it is ‘Okay to Leave’. I’m not too sure as to whether the delivery man rang the bell and I didn’t hear it because I was sleeping or if he automatically just left it in a secure place.



As stated, Violet Box arrives in a standard postage bag that you then open up to find a white cardboard Violet Box that surrounds the actual Violet Box, not only to protect the internal contents but also to protect the box from external damage. This box then opens up like a shell and there you will find, the Violet Box! The box itself is a standard rectangular matte black cardboard box that isn’t too sturdy nor too weak. The size is equivalent to laying both your hands flat on a surface. The box has ‘Violet Box’ and it’s logo printed on…in the colour violet!


The Box Itself:

Lifting the lid off the box itself, reveals 3 cards lying on a surface of purple crepe paper. The cards included are:

  1. The Violet Box information card which details each of the products in the box along with a short description and price.
  2. As there was a Calvin Klein product included in this box, there was a CK card that gives you a complimentary 20 minute makeover at selected CK counters located in Myer. On the other side of the card were some details about some other CK makeup products.
  3. The last card provided a free 1 month subscription to Charlotte Dodson TV . She is a celebrity yoga teacher for those of you who aren’t aware. On the other side was an exclusive offer to Violet Box where you can receive $5 off the $30RRP of Lash Control products purchased in the Violet Box beauty shop.

Lifting the crepe paper revealed the boxes contents! There were 6 products included.




John Plunkett Glyco Peel RRP $28.95 for 15ml. Received FULL SIZE.

Products with the word ‘acid’ in them are ones I usually steer clear of as I just have a fear of it doing harm and burning my face. Described as a ‘clinical strength, night time exfoliator with 25% glycolic acid’ it exfoliates the skin and reduces fine lines, discolouration and pigmentation to keep the skin looking cleaner, younger and refreshed. What turned my opinion around about the whole ‘acid’ fear was that on the back of the product box, there is a diagram that states it is suitable for all skin types. However, the diagram does stop before it reaches the end of  the  ‘ sensitive skin’ zone, so although it does say anyone can use it. I probably, judging by the diagram, wouldn’t recommend it for those with really sensitive skin.


CK One Color Cosmetics, Gloss Eyecolor RRP $25.00 for 4g. Received FULL SIZE

I was really excited when I saw this in the box because I was really impressed that a big recognised brand such as CK made it into the box! It is a soft eyeshadow pencil that is a really popular style for eyeshadow to come in these days. I received the shade ‘ 800 Ultra’ which is a really really beautiful silvery white that I will definitely be wearing as I am a huge fan of nude eye looks. It looks great t be used as an inner corner highlight, to define the brow bone or even just s a soft wash of shimmery colour to the eyelids. The information card’s image for this product includes: a red/coral colour, yellow, green, white and blue. I am so happy I received the shade that I did because it would be the only one I would use out of those colours.


LashControl Clear Coat Control Mascara & Brow Fix RRP $25.00 for 8.87ml. Received FULL SIZE.

What’s really interesting about this product is that you don’t need to pump your brush into the tube, instead you squeeze the middle of the tube which then applies the product into the brush. I’m really looking forward to trying out this product as you can use it on both your lashes and your brows. It claims to give shine, depth and separation without the ‘wet’ look and can be used on top of mascara to seal in the colour and to tame brows. I’ve never used a clear mascara or brow gel before as I have questioned it’s effectiveness but the design of this product really excites me.


Calvin Klein Sheer Beauty EDT RRP $80 for 50ml, $120 for 100ml. Received a 1.2ml sample.

The described composition of this perfume is fruity-floral which is just how I like my perfumes. I don’t think that I’ve actually tested this perfume in store before so I’m happy to receive a sample of it. The description of the scent really draws me in and I’m hoping it smells great. It does however sound more of a Summer/Spring scent and it is Winter right now. Nonetheless, if it does smell nice, I very well may go out and purchase a bottle.


Avene Gentle Gel Cleanser RRP $23.95 for 200ml. Received a 50ml sample.

I’ve seen Avene products included in a lot of Australian subscription boxes. Luckily for me, I’ve never received any other subscription box and haven’t tried any Avene products but I have heard good things about them so I’m looking forward to trying this cleanser. The information card states that it was developed for normal to combination sensitive skin and although I personally don’t have sensitive skin, I do like to use skincare that is formulated for sensitive skin as it is more gentle. This product is also soap free and hypoallergenic.


Argania Hair Oil Travel Cuties RRP $34.99 for 100ml. Received a 5ml sample.

Argan oil to me, is a crowd pleaser. It’s something that works well on most hair types that gives vitality to hair and many vitamin and antioxidant benefits. It’s something that I use on my hair regularly. I’ve never used this brand of Argan oil before so I’m looking forward to seeing how well it works compared to the more well known brands.


Overall, I am extremely happy with the first ever Violet Box. For only $22.95, I was able to receive 3 full size products and some amazing brands. They’re products that I will all use and I think it was really smart of Violet Box to include items for all skin types, skin tones and hair types for the first box as it is then able to cater to all. I hope that in the coming months, there will be a more personalized box that takes into consideration our preferences and such but for the first few boxes, I’m sure that they’ll be including a range of great brands and products that everyone will love. I am very impressed by Violet Box and will definitely be extending my subscription past the monthly subscription that I purchased to receive this box. The boxes value surpassed what I had spent on it and the products are useful and I like how they included cosmetics, skincare and hair care.

What are your thoughts on this Violet Box? Will you be signing up? Leave a comment below!


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