Her Fashion Box – June 2013 Classic Box Review

Hi everyone,

Last month, I shared an offer on this blog that Her Fashion Box had advertised, they provided a code for first time subscribers to get $15 off their first box – so June’s box would become $24.95 instead of the usual $39.95. I’ve been following each months box since HFB began earlier this year and had seen a great improvement in the contents of the boxes and with this special offer, I thought, why not subscribe!  And so I did.  Today, I’ll be sharing with you my experience with HFB as well as the June 2013 Classic Her Fashion Box.


Like I said above, I subscribed to HFB with that offer and eagerly awaited the June box. It was June 15th that began to worry about my box as I hadn’t yet received any shipping confirmation for it and knew that HFB deduct a payment on the 20th of every month for the next month’s box but I finally got an email a few days later that said the boxes would be shipped out soon and that the delay was due to them wanting to include a ‘genuine leather accessory’ into this months box. They also stated that payment would be pushed back to June 29th to ensure everyone could receive their boxes and have a chance to unsubscribe before the next payment. I finally received it on the 25th of June after a shipping confirmation email on the 20th. I found it a bit off that it took about 4 working days for me to receive my box even though I live in the same city as where HFB is set up.

I was really excited when opening the box as it was touted as the ‘best box yet’, but I was a bit disappointed. In my personal opinion, it wasn’t the best box that they had produced.  The contents of this month’s Classic box:

DSCN1707HFB Magazine which details all the products in each box as well as its value.

DSCN1708Hallmark Card ($4.99 – $6.99) This was a nice extra in the box but the issue I have with this is that I cant think of an occasion to give this card to someone as it’s more of one of those inspirational quote cards that you just hang somewhere in your room.

DSCN1716Dr Lewinn’s Skin Perfect Anti Aging Primer – 20ml Travel Size (equates to $19.95) This was a nice sample included but I do question whether this caters to the majority of HFB’s demographic as it is ‘anti aging’.

DSCN1715Dr Lewinn’s Essentials Sensitive Cleansing Milk – 30ml Travel Size (equates to $4.50) I look forward to using this product and seeing its effects.

DSCN1718Redken Control Addict 28 Hairspray – 70ml Sample ($9.95) Every girl needs some hairspray right?

DSCN1712Revitanail Conditioning Remover Wipes – 30 Wipes ($5.95) I’ve never used wipes to try to remove nail polish so this will be a first for me!

DSCN1723Wrap Bracelet ($24.95) This came in a pouch which leads me to believe that this was the ‘genuine leather product they just had to include’ which resulted in the box being delayed. It’s a nice wrap bracelet but definitely not worth the stated $24.95. I also question the blue colour, I believe the white version, provided in the ‘Trendy’ box, would’ve been a far more suiting colour than the blue for a ‘Classic’ box.

DSCN1722Scarf ($29.95) This is a nice, soft scarf, more for fashion use, than to keep warm as it isn’t too thick. I think the print is okay, however, I don’t wear scarves so I’ll be passing this onto my Mum. Also, i have to say that i dont think its worth the $29.95 price tag.

DSCN1721Belt ($34.95) This belt definitely is not worth $34.95 at all. People have found fashion and jewellery pieces included in previous HFB which were advertised as quite expensive, only to find them for $2 or $3 on eBay. In the HFB magazine, the belt looks sturdy while in real life it is a very delicate belt. The ‘Feminine’ version of the box received this belt in white and I do see the white belt more fitting for the brief of a ‘Classic’ box.

Looking at this box and comparing it to the box the months before, I am very disappointed. I’d seen  improvements as the boxes progressed and was hoping that this would continue but it didn’t, this box was even touted as the ‘best box yet!’. I found that the items in this months box didn’t fit the ‘Classic’ category very well at all and while most of the beauty products are useful, they can easily be purchased and isn’t something new, innovative or a cult product that I’d like to try. Considering I did use the discount code, I  at least feel content that I didn’t spend $39.95 on this box. I paid $24.95, and while the products total cost may equal more than what I spent, I feel as though it was ‘worth’ $24.95. I am extremely disappointed and have unsubscribed. I had high hopes but this just fell flat. I’ll continue to keep an eye out on the contents of each months boxes, but I don’t think I’ll be re-subscribing anytime soon. Words cannot express how extremely disappointed I am.

What do you think of this box? Are you subscribed to HFB? What’s your opinion? Leave a comment below!

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8 responses to “Her Fashion Box – June 2013 Classic Box Review

  1. Aw, shame that you’re disappointed with this month’s box. I do agree that the white bracelet may have suited the box a bit better than the blue. I think the accessories were quite nice, although I probably could do without the beauty samples!

    • I was disappointed to see that there was a white bracelet included in the range but ended up in another box as I personally believe that it would’ve been the best match, as you’ve said. I do like that they included a scarf for Winter but the samples are a bit so so.

      Thank you for the comment! 🙂

  2. I’ve never heard of that box before, but $40 seems a bit much for those products. The belt looks like it’s fraying at the edges already. And I agree, those color choices seem a bit strange.

    • It’s a new Australian subscription box that started a few months ago and it was gradually getting better which is why I decided to subscribe but just wasnt happy at all with this box. Yes it is! Not too sure as to why those colours were chosen for a ‘Classic’ style box.

  3. Seems like an okay box but worth maybe $20 or less! The belt looks terrible quality, so does the scarf. I agree with your disappointment.

  4. I was browsing the internet for a discount code and stumbled upon this. THANK YOU so much, I was literally about to enter my credit card details, those items are truly disappointing, I wouldn’t use any of those products! I also think adding hairspray is a cheap shot, and a box filler, I expected extremely fashionable and new products.

    • I know how you feel. I really had high hopes for the box but found it fell very short of what I was imagining it to be. For me, the biggest problem was the products not matching the box’s theme. And the products werent anything that I looked at and thought ‘wow, I want to try that!’ especially since the box was shipped late because they wanted to add that special item. Definitely a box filler. I’ll continue to keep my eye on future boxes and see how they compare. Thanks for the comment!

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