Cult Skincare: Indeed Laboratories – Eysilix, Hydraluron, Nanoblur & Snoxin

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By now, most of you would be aware that Indeed Laboratories products, including the ever popular Eysilix, Hydraluron, Nanoblur & Snoxin are now readily available to be purchased at Priceline. The cult skincare products have been raved about by skincare specialists, beauty guru’s and bloggers, including the likes of Caroline Hirons, a Beauty Industry insider and one of the best known skincare experts. While I did know the basic facts about these products and what they promise to do, I wanted to learn some more and so  I thought I would do a quick run through on each of the 4 products for anyone who is interested in looking into purchasing these Indeed Laboratories products.

A little bit about Indeed Laboratories. Nobody says it better than them:


Eysilix – $34.99 – Eysilix Instant Eye Rescue is a contour eye treatment that is aimed specifically at targeting skin issues around the eye area that include lines and wrinkles. Advertised to instantly lift and reduce lines and wrinkles, thanks to the 3D film that appears when the product is applied. Stress, puffiness and fatigue around the area is said to disappear, replaced by smooth, luminous skin. It contains 10 ultra modern active peptides as well as botanical extracts.


Hydraluron – $34.99 – Hydraluron is an all over facial skincare product that was created to boost hydration levels within the skin. From this reinforcement of hydration, skin structure is said to improve; skin is said to look plumper and more elastic while any rough skin soon becomes smooth. Containing hyaluronic acid and a bio-engineered strain of red marine algae, blood circulation in increased in a controlled manner which then stimulates cell turnover and allows deeper penetration of the product to the skins deeper layers.

Nanoblur – $29.99 – Nanoblur is a high technology product said to work in seconds, making you look up to 10 years younger. Promising to make any skin surface look completely flawless, it’s said to instantly improve the skin’s texture, as lines, wrinkles, redness and pores are reduced and what you are left with is smooth, matte flawless skin. The product’s make up of millions of particles react to light to give this appearance.631929_large


Snoxin – $39.99 – Snoxin is an anti aging product that targets anti aging skincare problems including lines, wrinkles, the skin’s surface texture as well as any loss of elasticity which results in sagging skin. Results are said to be clearly evident in 3 days and continues to improve in the long term when using this product which contains the highest allowable measurement of concentrated multi-peptides. The effects of this product are likened to procedure such as laser treatments and cosmetic injections.631937_large


These cult skincare products are much loved by consumers all over the world. I’m personally interested in trying Hydraluron for myself but will wait until it goes on sale. Hopefully, that’s soon.


Have you ever tried or do you use any Indeed Laboratories products? What’s your take on them? Leave a comment below!


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