Shimmer Polish – Review and Swatches – Jennifer, Eva & Elsa

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Today I’ll be reviewing 3 nail polishes from Shimmer Polish. Shimmer Polish is based in the US and provides customers all over the world with a wide array of amazing glittery and shimmery nail polishes – they also custom make Shimmer Polishes for their customers! While visitng the Shimmer Polish website, I came across their Philosophy page and thought I would share with you the meaning behind each Shimmer Polishes’ naming:

My polishes are named after my wonderful friends and family. Each and every name has an important significance to me. Each shade of Shimmer is inspired by that person, from favorite colors, things that are reminiscent of that person, and even personal requests from these great ladies. Each and everyone of my Shimmers have shaped and influenced me to become who I am today. In a way, this is my tribute and gratitude towards having so many amazing people in my life.

I was kindly sent 3 different Shimmer Nail Polishes* to try out and review.

shimmer polish jennifer eva elsa (3)shimmer polish jennifer eva elsa (2)Each bottle is 0.5 Fl. Oz. or 15ml and is priced at $12USD. When looking at the amount in each bottle as well as the price, you are looking at a very affordably priced nail polish. And it’s definitely worth it as these nail polishes are of a high quality.

I’ve been wearing Eva on my nails for 7 days now, without a top coat, as I wanted to test out the longevity on my nails. After using a nail buffing block and applying a base coat, I applied 3 coats Eva onto my nails to achieve that deep opaque look. Only in the last day or so, have I noticed slight chipping at the nail tips. It definitely lasts for a long time and I eagerly look forward to applying another shade of Shimmer Polish with a top coat to see just how long it will last!

Application is very simple as the nail polish glides onto the nail effortlessly. There was no sign of streaking and the micro-glitter was spread evenly over the nails. What I also love about the formula is that it dries quicker than some other nail polishes I have used so by the time I’ve finished applying the first coat onto my second hand, I can go back to the first for the 2nd coat!

shimmer polish jenniferJennifer Shimmer Nail Polish is described as a ‘Soft Blue, Periwinkle Glitter Polish’. It is a clear based nail polish with blue and periwinkle micro/fine glitter along with a mix of orange, gold and black glitter. It reminds me of hot summers at the beach and spending time with friends!


shimmer polish eva (5)Eva Shimmer Nail Polish is a ‘Burgundy Red with a hint of Silver Sparkly Polish!’ I was immediately drawn to this shade because of the beautiful burgundy base colour and micro glitter in silver and black. I find Eva to be a very glamorous shade suited for all year round but perfect for winter because of it’s rich warm colour.


shimmer polish elsa Elsa Shimmer Nail Polish is a ‘Turquoise, Gold and Red Glitter Polish.’ It has a very light pink base and contains the turquoise, gold and red glitter in a range of sizes from micro glitter to larger sizes. I find the glitters in this nail polish to be the perfect combination to compliment one another and will definitely be wearing this soon.


shimmer polish jennifer eva elsaI’ve applied 3 coats of the nail polishes onto nails from a nail display wheel to allow you to see a realistic image of how it would look when applied onto your nails.

These Shimmer Nail Polishes are so versatile as they can be applied on top of a base colour to achieve a truly opaque look, by itself as seen above or even used to create beautiful nail art looks.

Here are my nails with 3 coats of Eva applied (I so dearly wish I didn’t cut my nails that short just before these nail polishes arrived!)

shimmer polish eva shimmer polish eva (4) shimmer polish eva (3) IMG_20130712_235611-1 shimmer polish eva (2)

Overall, I think that Shimmer Polishes would be a great addition to every nail polish collection! Affordable and of a high quality – long lasting, easy to apply and come in a huge range of colours. If you don’t find one that you like, why not order a custom made one! I look forward to adding more Shimmer Polishes to my collection and I’ll be sure to share with you all swatches of Jennifer and Elsa as I apply them.

If you’d like to contact/ find out more about Shimmer Polish, visit the links below!

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*These items were provided to me for the purpose of reviewing them. As with all reviews I post, it is 100% honest and of my own personal opinion. For more information, visit my Disclosure Policy.