Benefit Cosmetics Haul! + Special Offer!

Hi everyone,

After finding my Holy Grail (HG) mascara earlier this year, which happened to be Benefit’s they’re Real! Mascara, I really wanted to try more Benefit items. Although I’d previously tried The Porefessional and heard rave reviews of their other products, such as the Hoola Bronzer and many of their blushes, they were just too expensive to justify buying. When I saw the post titled ‘Amazing Benefit deal!’ on The Shopping Queen blog, I immediately opened it up and all my worries seemed to drift away as she shared with us an amazing Benefit deal! After reading her post, I went straight to the Benefit website to begin choosing what I items I wanted! And so, today, I have my haul to share with you all!



Benefit is allowing you to build your own custom makeup kit! There are 4 categories of products, of which, you may choose 1 product per category. These are: Complexion, Cheeks, Eyes & Free Gift. All the products that are available for inclusion in your custom kit are their best sellers. They also provide a free Benefit Makeup Bag in the package! ALL THAT FOR ONLY $79!!!

  • The Complexion category contains 6 products for you to choose from.
  • The Cheeks category contains 9 products for you to choose.
  • The Eyes category has 8 products for your choosing.
  • The Free Gift category has a range of 7 different products.


Here is what I got!

pizap.com13793215365153the POREfessional – PRO balm to minimize the appearance of pores. RRP: US$30     AU$53


pizap.com13793215604754fine-one-one – sheer brightening color for cheeks & lips. RRP: US$30     AU$44


DSCN2948they’re real! mascara – beyond mascara. RRP: US$23     AU$38


pizap.com13793214668611creaseless cream shadow – cream eyeshadow. RRP: US$20     AU$29


DSCN2952Cute Benefit Cosmetics Make Up Bag! It’s large enough to fit in my whole order!


I also ordered:

DSCN2951double the powder! – online exclusive hoola + thrrrob duo. RRP: US$34     AU$51 PER POWDER!




As you can see, when comparing the US retail prices with those here in Australia, I saved quite a lot! Just alone with the Custom Kit, I would’ve paid $164 Australian dollars if I bought each of the 4 items separately , instead I paid $79 US dollars AND got a free makeup bag! That’s a saving of $85! I was also lucky enough to have roped in my sister to purchase a product so that we were able to reach the limit of $125 to be entitled to free international shipping!

I am so excited to begin using all my new Benefit products! This is such an amazing deal and I highly recommend you look into this deal if you love Benefit products! You’re able to choose from a huge range of products to create the perfect makeup kit for you personally.

For those of you located in Australia who can’t make it to a Benefit Cosmetics counter or Sephora store, you can now purchase Benefit Cosmetics from and have the products delivered to your door!



Have you taken up this amazing offer or are you thinking about doing so? Leave a comment below!


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38 responses to “Benefit Cosmetics Haul! + Special Offer!

  1. Enjoy your goodies, they look great! 🙂

    I am subscribed to their newsletter and ironically, this offer came through just after I put in my last order! Mind you, it arrived in rather a sad state…Benefit were great about sorting it out but it made me a bit leery about ordering again, in case the postie decided to play footie with my parcel again!

    I love the creaseless cream shadows and the new Stay Flawless primer.

    • Thank you!

      Oh no! If only you put off placing an order, even just for a few minutes then you could’ve taken advantage of the deal. That does sound good at all, its great to hear that Benefit were really helpful but I’d definitely also be a bit weary of it. I’ve also had postmen who’ve decided to literally destroy my deliveries too! I was actually quite anxious to get my order as they don’t provide tracking for intl orders, I was worried about it even arriving here safely!

  2. Oooo enjoy the goodies! I’ve been deciding whether or not I want to create my own little cosmetic pack … your post is sure swaying me into saying YES! 🙂 Thanks for sharing! Love Benefit!

  3. Omg I read her blog and gave in to my first Benefit haul! Great purchase! I regret not picking up the Hoola duo as it actually contains more product than the individual one! Would love to see you do a review on the Fine -ONE-ONE 🙂

    • The offer is just too tempting to resist! What products did you pick up? Yes, it actually does, although it is in the old packaging, nonetheless, its a great deal. Maybe you’ll have to put in another order 😉

      I’ll definitely do so in the coming month so stay tuned!

    • Oh no! Can you make an exception, it’s really an amazing deal. They’re Real is my HG mascara, I cant live without it now! Definitely go up to a benefit counter and try and ask for a sample, they may still have some left after the mascara swap 🙂

    • I’m actually so excited about what I got! I love They’re Real, definitely the best mascara I’ve ever tried! the POREfessional is a great product as you can use t as a primer before makeup and then use it to touch up during the day!

  4. OMG what an amazing deal! It’s really ridiculous how expensive Benefit is in Australia – thanks for sharing! I love all the purchases you made 😀

    • Me too but theyre really expensive here in store so I was glad that I could order it online from the US website! I love that they provide a huge range of products for you to use to customise your own kit 🙂

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