6 Month Blogiversary!

Hi everyone,

Today marks a very special day…

It’s six months to the day that I started this blog! April 16th, 2013 was the day I decided to take the plunge and actually create a blog of my own. Being an avid reader of many different blogs for quite a while as well as having a love for all things beauty was what drove me to create my own blog. I really just wanted to share my passion, opinions and knowledge to those who were willing to read them!


My biggest fear, was of course, ‘Would anyone even read my blog?’ with so many amazing beauty blogs out there, both here in Australia and worldwide. Slowly but surely, people began to visit the blog; liking posts, leaving comments and following the blog and my social media pages. I remember getting so excited when I had received 50 views, 5 followers, 10 comments and these soon started climbing.

What I really loved and appreciated was how nice the blogging community is! My blog readers as well as other bloggers were just so kind and welcoming and it reassured me that I should keep going!

6 months on, I’ve met (well, not physically) some amazing bloggers through the blog and social media, gained great regular readers of the blog as well as being given the chance to try some amazing products by brands and PR companies. None of which I would’ve seen myself having just 6 months into my blogging journey. I am so very grateful to all that have visited the blog, left comments on my posts, followed the blog, communicated with me through my social media platforms and given me to chance to try some amazing products. I only hope that you will continue to!

Without my readers, I wouldn’t have achieved so much in such a small time frame and so i sincerely thank all of you for all your support. It means so much to see that people who are interested in the same things as me, enjoy reading about what I have to say.

So I’d like to know what YOU would like to see on the blog as my journey progresses. More reviews, swatches, ‘… of the day’ posts, get the look posts, dedicated series’ to particular products, hauls, etc or even a regular blogging schedule. If there are any other types of posts you’d like to see me do, please leave a comment below letting me know! I’m always trying to make the blog as best as it possibly can be but I need your help!

Any other suggestions or feedback, good or bad, is really appreciated.


I hope you’ll enjoy what the blog has to offer in the next 6 months!


That’s all for now,
triedandtestedblogger XOXO