Lust Have It – October 2013 – Review

Hi everyone,

With so many beauty subscription boxes on the market, its hard to choose which one to sign up for! I’m currently only subscribed to one box but have kept an eye out on other boxes and their contents’ for quite a while. To me, all the boxes have really stepped up in terms of the quality of their products and so when I was given the chance to receive a Lust Have It!, I was so excited and of course I said yes! Lust Have It! is one of the most popular beauty subscription boxes in Australia with product inclusions from brands such as La Roche Posay, Elizabeth Arden, Lancome, Benefit, Bioderma and Kerastase, just to name a few for only $19.95 a month!

Lust have it! is a convenient and cost-effective way of introducing beauty fanatics to an array of premium beauty brands from haircare, cosmetics and skincare, to sample without buying the full size items. For a small membership, the latest products are sent to members direct, saving you the frustration of sifting through endless products on department store shelves.


This month, Lust Have It! boxes were sent out with a new box design and I have to say, I really love it! It’s a very pretty, clean looking box and the mix of colours is beautiful. The box itself is a flip top box which has a magnetised lock on the side to secure the contents.DSCN3721



Now onto the contents of this months box:



The numerous vouchers and product information cards also included.


Le Tan Wash Off. RRP $14.99 for 100ml. Received 40ml sample.DSCN3741As I’m quite pale, I’m not a fake tanner but I have read some amazing reviews for this product and it’s a great alternative to putting your skin in danger by tanning in the sun.


Inika Mineral Eyeshadow. RRP $25. Received FULL SIZE.DSCN3737I’ve really wanted to try some Inika products for quite a while after seeing their products appear on blogs. I received the mineral eyeshadow in the colour ‘Lemon Cream’ which is a beautiful shimmery light gold. This product can be used wet or dry or even as an eyeliner. What I really love is that there is a stopper in the container and so it only allows a small amount of product to be released at one time, minimising the mess that loose makeup can often cause.


Paula’s Choice Oil Blotting Papers. RRP $10.50 for 100 sheets. Received 50 sheets. (Yes, I did go ahead and count them individually to get an amount)DSCN3742Paula’s Choice is another brand I’ve heard quite a lot about but have never tried! I think oil blotting papers are definitely something every girl needs to keep in her handbag over the hotter months especially. During hot weather, I don’t like wearing too much makeup at all and using setting powders during the day often adds to the heaviness of the makeup so I opt for oil blotting papers as they remove excess oil from the face without adding or removing any product. They’re also great to use on no makeup days when you’re out and about.


Evo Ritual Salvation Care Shampoo and Conditioner. RRP $25 each for 300ml. Received 50ml samples.DSCN3739This cute shampoo and conditioner duo comes in a great 50ml size and in a bottle! I do not like sachets at all because they’re messy to use and often don’t contain enough product to get a full use out of it so I love that these comes in a great size and form. I really like the little messages on the front of the bottle. This line of shampoo and conditioner helps protect hair colour, enhance shine and protect against sun damage.


Smitten Whipped Tinted Mousse Moisturiser. RRP: $25 for 30ml. DSCN3740I received the shade Cappuccino which is the 3rd shade in a line of 6 shades. Its unfortunately a bit dark for my skin but as the weeks go by, I’m sure my skin will darker somewhat due to the hot Spring weather and then it’ll match my skin better. Whats interesting about this product is that it is made up with 50% moisturiser and 50% foundation. It also contains an SPF of 15.


Princesse Skincare Hyaluronic Acid Mask. RRP $25. Received FULL SIZE.DSCN3743With products containing Hyaluronic Acid all the rage at the moment, this mask is a great inclusion to the box. I really enjoy using cloth masks like this one as they’re great for adding moisture and hydration back to the skin. This mask also promises to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and maintain skin elasticity and firmness whilst giving your skin a fresh and glowing appearance.


Overall, I am really so impressed with this Lust Have It! box! I think all the products included are great quality and there is a great range of haircare, skincare and makeup items, while the sizes of the inclusions are another highlight. Although only 2 items are technically full size, I don’t see any of the other products as samples, instead I actually see them as mini or travel sized products which is amazing value for money when you consider the price. For only $19.95, I think this is a great monthly investment as your return is much more greater. You’re able to try out products from a huge range of brands that we all know and love as well as those we may have heard of but have never tried in everyday life. If you’re looking for a beauty box to subscribe to, definitely look into Lust Have It!

I’m also really excited to announce that this blog is now an affiliate of Lust Have It! which means Lust Have It! and I can now offer you $5 off your first months box! Simply enter the code ‘TRIED’ when you sign up! Hopefully you’ll love their boxes as much as I did this month!



What did you think about this months box? Leave a comment below!


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*This item was kindly provided to me. As with all my posts, it is 100% honest and of my own personal opinion. For more information, visit my Disclosure Policy.




12 responses to “Lust Have It – October 2013 – Review

  1. I’m so sick of receiving fake tan in beauty boxes. Yes, we are approaching summer but there’s no need for all beauty boxes to jump on the same bandwagon. I received exactly the same products as you but probably most interested in the tinted moisturiser.

    • I’ve luckily only ever received one other fake tan, that may be because I only start subscribing to beauty boxes in the middle of this year but I have seen the same products circulate the different boxes. I think that fake tan isn’t necessarily an item that will suit all the recipients of the boxes (e.g someone like me who doesn’t fake tan) but I’m personally not too bothered (yet!) if I receive them in a box as I don’t find that they take up too much value in the boxes!

  2. The colours on the box are really pretty 🙂
    I don’t really get excited about beauty boxes, but it does look like an affordable way to try a lot of different brands and products. The lemon cream shadow looks like a really cute Summery shade, and the hyaluronic acid mask looks pretty good too!

    • I really like the box design too! Very fresh and colourful but neat at the same time!

      I’m the opposite, I love the anticipation and surprise of discovering what each box holds! I really liked this box because it contained quite a few brands I’ve never tried before so its great to really sample products from different brands. 🙂

  3. Abit annoyed with my box
    I didn’t receive the shampoo or conditioner and nor the eyeshadow :/
    Instead I got the anti aging cream which I won’t use due to only being 18 and an unpleasant smelling lip gloss
    Not really sure if the box is worth it?

    • Oh, that’s a shame Monique! I do know that LHI have some variation in the contents of their boxes. Anti ageing products do pop up now and again, I don’t need to use them now either but I know that I can pass it onto my mum or aunt 🙂

      I think overall over the months, LHI is a great value beauty subscription box, it must have just been that you received the odd box this month!

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