NYX Cosmetics in Target Australia – Product List, Price List and Availability List!

Hi everyone,

NYX recently hit out shores and although I’m currently on a spending ban and cant purchase anything, I still wanted to go and have a look at the range of  NYX products that started being stocked at Target, even though the temptation of purchasing something would be at an all time high! I resisted the temptation but as quite a few Target stores haven’t begun stocking NYX, I thought I would compile a list of products and their prices for you so you can take a look at what you’re interested in and how much they cost!

According to the NYX Cosmetics Australia Facebook page, there are 241 products, ranging from $8.95 to $21.95 currently at Target stores but they are hoping to expand this in the near future!

As you’ll see, there’s a great range of products and shades for the whole face and are reasonably priced in terms of Australian cosmetics prices but a bit more expensive than that of the US. I think the biggest advantage of having Target stock NYX is that we can now physically see, touch and swatch the products to really see what they’re like before buying them, whether it be in store or online!

The displays are well put together and feature a row of testers at the front, separate to the actual stock. To pick up a product you want to purchase, you pull the knob out and the tray will slide open, allowing you to.


Here is a product list with prices of the available products (in order from lowest to highest), organized in categories for ease (CLICK IMAGE TO ENLARGE) :


Creamy Round Lipstick $8.95

Butter Gloss $9.95

Mechanical Lip Liner $9.95

Jumbo Lip Pencils $9.95

Mega Shine Lipgloss $11.95

Matte Lipstick  $12.95

Soft Matte Lip Cream $12.95


Roll On Shimmer $8.95

Mechanical Eye Liner $9.95

Love In Rio Shadow Palettes $9.95

Glam Shadow Sticks $9.95

Glam Liners $9.95

Jumbo Eye Pencils $9.95

Eye Shadow Bases $12.95

Natural & Smokey Shadow Palettes $12.95

Super Skinny Marker $14.95

Boudoir Collection Mascaras $14.95

Gel Liner and Smudger $14.95

Love In Paris Shadow Palettes $16.95

Super Fat Marker $17.95


Auto Eyebrow Pencil $8.95

Eyebrow Cake Powder $9.95


Powder Blush $9.95

Rouge Cream Blush $11.95


Wonder Pencil  $8.95

Make Up Setting Spray $14.95

Stay Matte Liquid Foundation $14.95

Born To Glow Liquid Illuminator $14.95

Matte Bronzer $17.95

Illuminator $17.95

Stay Matte Powder Foundation $18.95

Studio Perfect Primers $19.95

Pore Filler  $21.95

Shine Killer $21.95


Here are some sneaky pics I took. Sorry they aren’t the best but I have a fear of a sales assistant seeing me snap pics and asking ‘ What are you doing?’ Haha.






Here is the current availability of NYX in Targets around Australia (CLICK IMAGE TO ENLARGE) :


So I hope you’ve found this post helpful! Let me know what you think about the range and prices of the products by commenting below! Would love to hear what you think as well as what you’ll be purchasing!


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36 responses to “NYX Cosmetics in Target Australia – Product List, Price List and Availability List!

  1. Oh my gosh! This is just such exciting newssss! It is a shame they are a little more expensive than overseas, but still, it is so lovely to actually be able to see them and swatch them in real life! I guess the extra you pay would probably cost you that much in postage anyway! Can’t wait to get my hands on some of the products!

    • It is! I love that we’re now able to do that too so we have better knowledge on a product by actually being able to swatch it in store and see its true colour! That’s true, with postage from buying online, it’ll probably come to a similar price!

    • I was actually expecting them to be higher when I first heard NYX was coming to Aus! You can always just swatch in store and wait for a special and purchase them because Target always has some sort of deal on or even just buy them online 🙂

  2. Thanks heaps for the post!! The prices aren’t actually as expensive as I was expecting. Love that you’ve taken some sneaky pics too, I totally know what you mean about the fear of getting caught…haha. Unfortunately my area won’t be getting a stand till Jan 2014 (according to NYX Australia facebook page)!

  3. Hope they announce which stores in Tasmania soon. I have 2 near me, Hobart store (which I barely go to, cause I’m not one for going into town lol) and Glenorchy, which isn’t as public. Got a feeling it will be the Hobart one though. Thinking they will be moving the Revlon gift bags to another area, seeing as they right next to the Chi Chi stuff. But you never know!

  4. Excited that it’s here in Australia, but the $$$ is a bit of a deterrent. Still, it’s good to have the stock readily available – maybe the store will follow suit to the growing trend of cosmetic companies lowering their prices (fingers crossed)

    • Yes! I’d love to see more of the drug store brands lower their prices because we pay so much more compared to those in the US! But it seems to be the more high end brands that are dropping their prices.

  5. Omg…I’m so excited. I went to the US earlier this year and ran out of time so didn’t get any of the NYX products I wanted. I’m off to Target tomorrow. Thanks so much for sharing xo

  6. I am so delayed and had the shock of my life when I went to my local Target store and saw they stocked NYX! So excited to go back and do some swatches & purchases.

  7. When is Target Australia going to sell slim line lip pencils. Crush cosmetics are out of stock and NYX will not send to an Australian address

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