Step up for SISTERHOOD Day

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Today I have a bit of a different post. You might’ve seen recent Tweets and Instagrams from me about Step up for SISTERHOOD Day. Friday December 6th is Step up for SISTERHOOD Day.


Step up for SISTERHOOD day is not just about making a statement and slipping into your most glamorous stilettos and wearing them to work; it’s a national initiative raising much needed funds for the SISTER2sister program.

The Life Changing Experience Foundation (LCEF) runs the ‘SISTER2sister program’ which is a year long life skills program and initiative whereby girls aged 12 to 18 are paired with a ‘Big Sister’ mentor who will act as a guide/role model/mentor/sister during this time. The program arranges life changing experiences monthly for the sisters to experience, empowering and giving confidence to the girls, showing them a more positive path in life. A bigger, brighter future.

Identified and nominated by school welfare systems, women’s refuges, ‘at risk’ youth programs such as ‘On Track’ and ‘Don Bosco House’, rape crisis centres and the general public, including parents, the girls aged 12 to 18 who participate in this program come from all walks of life and are those who have unfortunately been victims of  trauma, bereavement, poverty, sexual abuse, mental abuse, physical abuse, neglect, homelessness, sickness, disability and destitution.

Step Up for Sisterhood Day will raise vital funding for the SISTER2sister program.

I have been fortunate enough not to have experienced any of the above, however, tens of thousands of young girls have.

Did you know:

– Child abuse and neglect is one of Australia’s most significant social problems. Last year over 30,000 Australian children were proven to have been abused or neglected.

Young girls in Australia are particularly vulnerable.

– Girls are two to three times more likely to be abused than boys.


A beautifully simple concept, Friday 6th December, Step up for SISTERHOOD Day is the day to ‘step up’ and help the cause, by wearing your favourite high heels to work instead of your casual or workplace shoes and making a gold coin donation. That alone will allow you to do your part and help young females in society who have suffered such trauma in their lives, to show them how bright their futures will be.

Founder and chief executive officer of LCEF, Jessica Brown says,

“There are thousands of young girls in Australia that need someone to fight for them. Step up for SISTERHOOD Day is about using the power of community to finally break the cycle of trauma, offering hope and support to the girls in this country who have fallen through the cracks or been left behind. It’s also a fabulous excuse to don your favourite pair of heels!”

The details:

When: Friday, 6th of December, 2013.

What: Slip into your favourite pair of stiletto’s on Friday 6th December for step up for SISTERHOOD day. Women across Australia are invited to ‘step up’ for young girls suffering from abuse, neglect or poverty by slipping into their favourite stilettos in exchange for a gold coin donation.

Where: Your workplace or help spread the word about this worthwhile cause as well as  simply donating.

How: Workplaces are invited to register online at and allocate a designated person from the workplace to collect the donations. Organisers will receive a Certificate of Appreciation and participants who register will also go into the draw to win fantastic prizes.

Diamonte Shoes

Slip into your favourite pair of stiletto’s on Friday 6th December and STEP UP for sisters in need. The SISTER2sister program has changed hundreds of girls’ lives so far, take a stand for something worthwhile and help change hundreds more.


 For more information on Life Changing Experiences Foundation, visit

To register for step up to SISTERHOOD day, visit or call 1300 553 629


Step_up_for_SISTERHOOD day

Step up and do what you can for this important cause.