Violet Box – November 2013 – Review

Hi everyone,

My November Violet Box finally arrived today! Not too sure what’s been going on in regards to such a delay but I did receive the tracking notification on the 19th but only received the box today, the 25th which is a bit disappointing seeing as I usually receive the box a day or two after I receive the tracking email. It took this box 1 week to get to me, and its nearly December! 😦

The cost of Violet Box is $22.95 per month but there are also small discounts when purchasing subscriptions for 3, 6 and 12 months (3 months for $66.00, 6 months for $130 and 12 months for $250). You can take a look at their website here.

Now onto this months box, which I really do love.DSCN4076


Body Armour Body Lotion. RRP 32.00. Received FULL SIZE.DSCN4060In an email sent earlier this month, we had a sneak peek about this product being in our November boxes. This months box contains either the 150ml body lotion, which i received, or the 50ml face cream. I’m happy that I received the body lotion as I’ve been trying to moisturise more often seeing as Summer is just around the corner! The Body Armour Lotion is ideally used after a bath or shower but can also be used on dry skin. This has been featured in British Vogue and is a UK brand.


ModelCo Colour Box Eye Pencil plus Sharpener. RRP 18.00. Received FULL SIZE.DSCN4075I recently received a free sample of the ModelCo mascara and have been loving it so I’m really excited to try out some more ModelCo products as I’ve only tried about 2 other products from their brand. This pencil is said to be highly pigmented and long wearing with an effortless application. The only shade available in this months box is the black which I think is a really wise choice as this can suit nearly everybody as opposed to a more colourful shade.


ModelCo Blush Cheek Powder Blush. RRP 18.00. Received FULL SIZE.DSCN4069This is a beautiful sheer powder blush. As someone who opts for a more natural look on the cheeks, this product is perfect for me as it’ll give a nice glow without intense colour. This can be used alone for a natural radiance or over a foundation for colour intensity. What I really love about this blush is that there is a twist out mirror attached to the bottom which makes it so convenient to keep in your handbag. There were 2 shades variation in the box and I received the colour Amaretto Sunset.


Tailor Skincare Detoxing Facial Treatment Masque. RRP $40.00 for a pack of 10. Received 2 masks.
DSCN4068At first glance I thought I had received only 1 mask because of the packaging but inside, there are 2 small zip lock bags filled with the mask. This clay mask is said to unclog pores and gently exfoliate sensitive skin, leaving the skin smooth, firm and fresh. It is all natural and contains only 4 ingredients: NZ Aqua, NZ Bentonite, NZ Organic Kanuka Essential Oil and Organic Rose Hip Oil. I look forward to trying it out!


Guess Girl & Guess Night Perfume Samples.DSCN4065In the box were also 2 small samples of a female and male Guess perfume. The Guess Girl Belle perfume is a 1ml Eau de Toilette sachet sample while the extra male fragrance, Guess Night is a 1.5ml Eau de Toilette sample in the usual small spray bottle. I wish this was reversed and the female scent came in the small spray bottle, seeing as this is a female beauty box and it would’ve made more sense and…I’m not a fan of sachets.


Overall, I do love this months box and cant wait to use all of the products. There were 6 items included in this months box and 3 of them were full size while the mask pack contained 2 separate uses. However, I wouldn’t really count the perfume samples as products included in the box, I see them as more of a little extra in the box. I know that some people may be unhappy with the ModelCo products seeing as ModelCo has been included in quite a few other beauty boxes but I personally haven’t tried much of their line so I’m really excited about them. I think all the products included in this months box are quality and definitely can be used by everyone who received it. Minus the long delay in receiving the box, Violet Box has stayed on track by delivering high quality boxes with a range of products that far surpass the box’s price of $22.95 in terms of value!


How do you like November’s box? Leave a comment below!


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