Violet Box – December 2013 – Review

Hi everyone,

My Violet Box for December arrived earlier today after being posted Express! I’m really happy that Violet Box decided to use Express Post to ensure that all the boxes would be delivered before Christmas and I’m sure all their customers really appreciate it! The cost of Violet Box is $22.95 per month but there are also small discounts when purchasing subscriptions for 3, 6 and 12 months (3 months for $66.00, 6 months for $130 and 12 months for $250). For more information, visit their website.

This months box wasn’t as jam packed as we’re used to seeing Violet Box although most of the items are full size. However, there is still a nice selection of items.



Crabtree & Evelyn Pomegranate Hand Therapy. RRP: $10.00 . Received FULL SIZE.


I’ve never tried any Crabtree & Evelyn products before but this hand cream has gotten some great reviews for conditioning and smoothing hands. I’m personally not someone who uses a hand cream regularly but I think this would be nice to use before going out to a party to get hands and nails looking and smelling nice!


Sweetpea and Fay Cosmetics J’Adore Les Levres ‘I Love Lips’ Liquid Lipstick. RRP: $12.99. Received FULL SIZE.


I received the liquid lipstick in the darkest shade of the 3 that were offered – Willa – a medium purple with pink undertones. I’m not very adventurous with my lipstick so I wont be using this as purple on my lips does scare me a bit! I wish I had received one of the other 2 shades which were both pinks. However, this is said to have an ultra pigmented formula and can be worn both as a satin and glossy finish.


Jelly Pong Pong Wide Awake Palette. RRP: $32.00 . Received FULL SIZE.


I was really excited to discover this bubble wrapped at the bottom of the box and when I opened it, I was excited to see that it suits fair skin tones! Hooray for that! The Palette contains: a cream highlighter, illuminating concealer and trio of brow powders as well as a small brow brush. I absolutely cannot wait to use this and see how it goes but upon looking at and swatching the brow colours, I found out that they do have shimmer in them and so I’ll be using them as eye shadows and not as a brow sculptor.


Evo The Therapist Calming Shampoo and Conditioner. RRP: $29.95 for 300ml. Received 50ml sample of each.


I also received these samples (but from a different Evo line) from the October Lust Have It box which is why I felt that they were so familiar when I saw them. Again, I think the design of these samples as well as the 50ml size of each makes them perfect to take when traveling because they’re quite study. This line is recommended for dry, frizzy or coloured hair as it aims to repair, hydrate and add moisture.


$30 Hello Fresh Voucher & Bonus Candy Cane.DSCN4414

This months voucher is a $30 Hello Fresh voucher which Lust Have It subscribers also received last month. After being subscribed to boxes since the middle of the year, I can start to see some double ups with items appearing in a few boxes but it is inevitable! I really love the bonus candy cane added into the box, I think it adds a great little nod to the festive season!


I have to say, I am a bit disappointed with this box. To me, it isn’t on par as most of the other boxes Violet Box has produced and I think that December boxes should really go out with a bang to get people excited for whats to come in 2014 but for me, there was a lack of WOW!  products in this box and it was quite empty. I’m not sure if that’s because I’ve received some of these products/ similar products from other boxes or because it isn’t the best Violet Box I’ve received.

I am starting to think that I may have to ponder unsubscribing. Not just because I didn’t really like this box but because I have a huge excess of beauty products I’m struggling to store and use!


How do you like this box? Do you think I should unsubscribe?  Leave a comment below!


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That’s all for now,
triedandtestedblogger XOXO


16 responses to “Violet Box – December 2013 – Review

  1. I’ve got a huge pile of samples I haven’t had a chance to try either. That’s why I’ve dropped down to Nature’s Beauty Bag because it comes every second month and hopefully I’ll have a chance to use what they give me before the next lot comes. The palette you received does look nice, but it’s one of those things that you don’t really know if it’s any good until you’ve tried it. I’d say cut back to one subscription if you have more than one. Or even keep the money for a special full size item you wouldn’t normally buy, but know you would use, each month. Have a wonderful weekend, and Christmas!

    • I often overlook the sample sized products and just go straight into using another full sized product after i finish up an item which is probably why my samples draw is overflowing! That’s definitely true, I’ll be trying it out tomorrow to see how it goes!

      That’s a great idea, thanks for the suggestion!

      I hope you have a great Christmas break as well! x

  2. I signed up to this box mainly to get the lipstick, which was shown as a sneak peek on their fb page, and I got a pigment instead! Grrrr

    • Usually Violet Boxs’ contain exactly the same items for everyone. Especially if the key advertised item for this months box was the lipstick , it should be something that everyone is guaranteed to receive. Such a shame because you signed up for it!

      I’m happy to send you mine if you’d like. I definitely wont be using it! Let me know 🙂

  3. I am unsubscribing. I find VioletBox to be not as good as BellaBox and LustHaveIt and also when it was first advertised the brands that were pictured have never been in the box!

    • I’ve also send an email in to unsubscribe. I hadn’t thought about the image that was used to advertise the box for quite a while but you’re right! We haven’t seen many of the products come from those brands and those included now aren’t as high end.

  4. I really enjoyed this box but I agree the palette is a bit strange.. especially the shimmery ‘brow sculptor shadows.’ I’ve been using the Sweetpea and Fay lipstick like there’s no tomorrow! I absolutely love it – mine was in Mermaid Kiss.

  5. Don’t be afraid of the purple! I got a purple lippie in one of my subscription boxes too, but because it wasn’t fully opaque it ended up looking more just like a darker lip rather than an “oh my gosh my lips are purple”

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