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Today I’m going to introduce you to…the best dry shampoo I have ever tried! Dry shampoo has been a staple of mine for over a year now as I wash my hair every second or so day and although my hair doesn’t look too bad during those days, I love dry shampoo for giving my hair a bit of a boost.


The Paul Mitchell Dry Wash has become my favourite dry shampoo for a number of reasons. One that really stands out is its colourless formula, yes colourless! Having dark brown hair, the main thing I worry about after using dry shampoo is the white powder that can be left at the roots if not brushed through correctly and while there are coloured dry shampoo formulas to match certain hair colours, I find the PM Dry Wash innovative because its colourless, meaning everyone can use it without worry. I also adore the 50ml small can of product as I find it the perfect size to keep in the handbag or makeup bag to use on the go and for taking when travelling while the larger size can be left at home to use.

This product is quick and easy to use, simply: spray into the scalp and roots of the hair in sections and then brush through! Another thing that also stands out with the Paul Mitchell Dry Wash is that it can also be used to add texture to the lengths of the hair! As demonstrated in the video, its quick and easy to do and gives your hair some extra texture and body which is something I personally like to do as I have long, thick hair and find that it looks much better with some texture and life.

5 reasons why you’ll love the Dry Wash:

Revive Your Look: Make hair look and feel freshly washed, so your style lasts days longer.

Absorb Excess Oils: Add fullness and texture right at the roots where you need it most.

Prolong Hair Color: Less shampooing means longer-lasting hair color without the fade.

Freshen Up Post-Workout: Keep hair fresh and smelling great, even after you break a sweat.

Share It with your Guy: Men love dry shampoo for the added volume and modern texture.

– Paul Mitchell

The Dry Wash formula is a colourless spray that has an amazing scent that is quite hard to describe but is feminine, fresh and quite fun smelling without being overpowering. When sprayed into the hair, there’s no residue or oily or sticky feeling that can be felt when massaging or brushing through the hair and immediately, there is a noticeable difference in the appearance of the hair at the roots. The hair is left looking less oily and slick and there is added volume and the roots looks as though they’ve been lifted and the product does not weigh down the hair in any way.

When used to add texture, it leaves the hair looking textured with body without any residue or unpleasant feeling to the hair, nor did it weigh down the hair. I also found that when I used this product to add texture to waves and curls I created in my hair, the style held better and for longer after using this, compared to other products such as sea salt sprays.

Overall, I would highly recommend the Paul Mitchell Dry Wash to anyone and everyone! I absolutely love this product because it works effectively, is colourless, smells amazing and is a great multi-use product (dry shampoo and styler & texturiser). Although this is a salon brand, I do think I will continue to use and purchase this over other ‘drugstore’ dry shampoos as I much prefer the effect and characteristics this dry shampoo possesses!


The Paul Mitchell brand does not conduct or endorse animal testing.

To find out more about the Paul Mitchell brand, their products and Australian or International stockists, visit or contact:

Paul Mitchell Australia Facebook Page

Paul Mitchell Australian Website

Paul Mitchell Official Website

Paul Mitchell Australian Consumer Hotline – 1300 365 350


Paul Mitchell Dry Wash 50ml – RRP: AU$14.50

Paul Mitchell Dry Wash 252ml – RRP: AU$24.95


N.B. Although Paul Mitchell products can be purchased online from various websites, authenticity of the Paul Mitchell products can only be guaranteed when purchased from a professional hairdresser.


What do you think of the Paul Mitchell Express Dry Wash? What’s your favourite dry shampoo? Leave a comment below!


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