Makeup at the 2014 Golden Globe Awards

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As most of you would know, the 2014 Golden Globe Awards were held earlier this week and I have to admit, I am always much more excited to see the red carpet portion of award shows than the actual presentations themselves! This red carpet didnt disappoint with an array of stars putting their best beauty and fashion foot forward for the big event.

In this post, I’ll be covering the star’s makeup looks while I’ll be talking about the many hair styles in tomorrow post. My predictions for the makeup looks to be featured on this red carpet were made in my ‘Beauty Trend: Updo’s, Glowing Skin and Nude Lips at the People’s Choice Awards 2014’ where I said I expected to see clear, glowing skin, nude and berry lips – which we saw, plus much more!

For skin, most of the celebrities had very clear skin in terms of light blush and contouring. There has been a strong movement away from the strong Kim Kardashian like contouring and bronzing of the skin. Even when paired with a dark lip or dark eyes, their complexion allowed there to be an element of ‘freshness’ to their makeup looks.


Stars that wore nude lip shades include:

For lips, I would say that there is a definite trend toward nude lips as many were featured on this red carpet but all in varying pink or brown hues to compliment each skin tone and gown. Not only did the nude lips keep their look clean and sophisticated, but it also didn’t distract from their show stopping gowns on the red carpet.


Stars that wore dark lip shades include:

Darker red and berry shades were also featured on the red carpet to add some drama to their ensemble. While some chose to compliment their outfits with the dark lip shade, others opted to use the shades to add a ‘vampish’ edge to their otherwise neutral gowns.


Stars that wore orange lip shades include:

Stars also opted for a orange lip colour to compliment their dresses and too add some brightness into their makeup look without going for a red lip. The orange shades worked well with a number of outfits and hairstyles as while it added colour to their faces, didn’t distract from their gowns.


Stars that wore red lip shades include:

Of course, no red carpet is complete without the classic red lip! The combination of a red lip and red dress was very popular on the red carpet this year and gives a very classic and sophisticated final look while still being sultry.


What was your favourite makeup look at the event? Leave a comment below!


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