Hairstyles at the 2014 Golden Globe Awards

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My previous post was on the ‘Makeup at the 2014 Golden Globe Awards‘  but today I’ll be sharing with you all the hairstyles the stars sported on the red carpet. There were an array of different hairstyles that graced the red carpet, however, if I had to describe the hairstyles in 3 words, it would be: Sleek, Tight and Voluminous.

Here is a run down of the main hairstyles of the 2014 Golden Globe Awards:


Deep Side Parts

Whether their hair was styled up or down, many of the stars had deep side parts in the style, however, it was most prominent in styles where the hair was very sleek or tightly styled.


Glamorous Curls

A really classic red carpet hairstyle, many opted for the glamorous hairstyle that is able to suit everybody in any gown! The curls add volume and texture to the hair while still keeping the overall look light and natural.


Pinned Up

These stars opted to have their hair pinned up to create faux bobs for a classic chic look to allow their gowns’ necklines and statement earrings to create drama.


Sleek and Straight

There were a whole host of stars who went for the very sleek and clean hairstyle route. Whether the hair was styled into a ponytail or left down, the hair was very sleek and straight.


Tight Buns

Another popular hairstyle for this event was tight buns where the hair was slicked straight back and placed into a very simple, tight bun to keep the hair away from the face and for the attention to be kept on the face and gown.



An array of stars all opted for their hair to be placed up for a feminine and chic look. This was most common amongst stars who wanted to show off their shoulders for the details on their dresses.


Whos hairstyle is your favourite at the event? Leave a comment below!


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