Garnier Perfect Blur 5 sec Smoothing Base Perfector – Review

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Today I’ll be reviewing the Garnier Perfect Blur 5 sec Smoothing Base Perfector that I picked up during the 40% off Skincare sale at Priceline a few weeks ago!


The tube is actually much smaller than you would expect from a box this size, however it is convenient as it’s small enough to keep in a makeup bag for convenience. The product itself is a thick, mousse like texture that isn’t completely smooth when squeezed out of the bottle. However, when smoothed over the face after applying a day cream/moisturiser, it blends smoothly and easily into the skin with a slightly oily feeling but then dries quickly, leaving no tacky or oily feeling whatsoever. The skin is left feeling soft and smooth to touch and you don’t need to use too much product for each application.

In regards to its claims to reduce the signs of wrinkles, pores and imperfections, there is a noticeable difference in the size and appearance of pores after using this. Pores do appear to minimise, however, there is no ‘Wow!’ difference in which pores completely disappear but in this instance, this product does reduce the size of pores better than other primers which do not target this issue. I cannot comment on the claim of the reduction of wrinkles as I do not have any at this time but I would say that there may not be a significant difference based on this products effect on the pores.page1

After application, the skin does have an overall better appearance and small imperfections are less significant, giving the face a smoother, clearer finish and so I do believe that it indeed ‘blurs’ the skin! When used under makeup, I found that it did help keep makeup in place for longer when compared to not using a primer and I didn’t develop any shine throughout the day (I have a normal skin type), however, I did still powder my face in the morning after applying all my makeup, as usual.

The product didn’t cause any breakouts or irritation, nor did it flake or ‘bunch up’ on the face and cause the makeup to move.

Overall, I did find this product to be a bit disappointing, although it does work well as a primer. While it did seem to blur the skin and minimise the appearance of pores, I didn’t see as significant a difference as I was expecting from this so I am happy that I picked it up during the 40% off skincare and not at full price.


You can purchase the Garnier Perfect Blur 5 sec Smoothing Base Perfector from Priceline for $16.99.


Have you tried this product or are wanting to? Leave a comment below!


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