The Resolutions Tag 2013

Hi everyone,

I was kindly tagged by Reshma from Dazzlegloss3 to do this tag and I haven’t done one in quite a while and this one is quite different as it looks back on 2013!

1) Name 3 things that you did this year that you are proud of.
  • Working hard at Uni.
  • Completing my first year of Uni!
  • Creating this blog.
 2) Name 1 thing that you would have done differently.
  • I wish I would have saved more $ in 2013!
 3) What was the biggest highlight this year?
  • Becoming more independent by starting Uni.

4) What was your favorite beauty product this year?

  •  Maybelline The Falsies ‘Black Drama’ Mascara.
5) What was your least favorite beauty product this year?
  •  Wax strips. I had an unpleasant reaction when I used a strip to wax my underarm!
6) Who do you want to thank for being amazing this year?
  •  My family, my friends and all you amazing readers of the blog who have made it possible for it (the blog) to grow!
7 ) What makeup/ beauty resolutions do you have this year?
  •  I want to reduce the amount of ‘drugstore’ products I buy, save that money and purchase higher end brands and items i really want!
 8) What are your Fashion resolutions?
  •  To wear more colour and steer away from my black and white palette.
9) Personal Resolutions?
  •  I want to make more friends this year and balance my study and social life.

10) Name one thing you want to check off your bucket list.

  • To say ‘yes’ to more things that come up in life!


I hope you all enjoyed this post and please feel free to do it as well!


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