Is this what your makeup bag looks like?

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A recent study held in the UK determined that the average female’s makeup bag contained an average of 14 items and over 2000 women were asked to estimate the value of their makeup bag, with the average totaling £93.32 or approximately $170 Australian Dollars!

When it came to  what exactly was in their makeup bag, the most prevalent answer was Mascara while the most popular brand was Rimmel London. Foundation came in at number 6 on the ‘Most Valuable’ list and other common brands include L’Oreal, Clinique and Benefit.

Considering that makeup is available at a much cheaper price in the UK than it is here in Australia, women in the UK are definitely able to purchase more with the same total cost.

I personally agree that Mascara is the most valuable item as I cannot leave the house without it! While I’m fine to go days without wearing a base (foundation or BB cream), a coat of mascara is the bare minimum when I have to go out. Similarly, Rimmel and Maybelline, which topped the list as the most common brands is also definitely correct when it comes to my makeup bag!


Does your makeup bag hold any similarities to the results found? If you had to guess, just how much is your makeup bag valued at? Leave a comment below!


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