Indeed Laboratories – Facial Powdered Exfoliator

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The popular international skincare brand, Indeed Labs has added a new product to their arsenal, coming in an exfoliator. The Indeed Labs Exfoliator comes in a powder form and is a water-activated enzyme micro-powder (mixing the powder with water will create a foam) which is suitable for use with all skin types.


The facial exfoliator contains a range of ingredients to exfoliate, soften and promote cell renewal: rice bran, Okinawa red algae, pineapple enzymes, bamboo extract and the newest hero in skincare, Hyaluronic acid.

It has launched in the UK and I look forward to it being released soon in Australia. I will be sure to update you all on its release here as more information comes through.


On another note, the Indeed Labs Hydraluron Moisture Boosting Masks will be launching in Australia this month and I will be reviewing these soon on the blog so keep an eye out!

Hydraluron Mask


Both are exciting new releases for the brand and I am eager to give them both a go and see how well they compare to the other very popular and effective skincare products from the brand as I am a big fan of their products!


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What are your thoughts on Indeed Lab products? Will you be giving these ones a go? Leave a comment below!


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