Taking A Look At: Nail Art with Born Pretty Store

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Born Pretty Store, is a website which sells a range of items including fashion and beauty and they kindly sent over some products of theirs for me to try! As someone who loves doing their nails, I was quite excited to try my hand at some nail art. I can definitely say that I’m not the best at it but I’m not too bad…hopefully!


3D Nail Art Stickers Silver Embossed Texture

Nail art stickers are amazing for those who aren’t too confident with doing free hand nail art and for those who are in a bit of a rush but want a little something extra on their manicure. This sheet comes with a range of different designs so you can find one to suit the look you’re going for. I usually use these stickers to create an accent nail and I’ve gotten quite a few compliments because when you look at them from a distance, they actually look as if you’ve painted them on yourself. The stickers are easy to apply and they adhere to the nail well. Adding a top coat ensures they last longer and gives a seamless finish. I found the stickers to last really well on the nail with only some wear and tear at the nail tips after a week or so.page1

15pc Nail Art Design Brush Set

This nail art brush set is great to have for any nail enthusiast! It comes with:3 drawing tools, 7 painting tools, 2 liners, 1 dotting tool and 2 fan brushes for nail art effect.  This set has everything you need to create your nail art looks and the brushes are easy to clean, don’t shed or get stained from nail polish when you simply wash them with a bit of nail polish remover. Similarly like with the nail art stickers, I only usually opt for something special to create an accent nail and below are some of the designs I’ve experimented with, however they are just the bottom of the possibility ladder when it comes to nail art so I’ve included an image from the Born Pretty Store with some of their nail art to show you how versatile this brush set is!page



Born Pretty Store has free worldwide shipping on top of their affordable prices and they’re also giving Tried and Tested Blog readers a 10% discount on purchases! Simply use the code ‘NSWX31‘ at checkout! If you’re ever looking for affordable nail art products, give Born Pretty Store a look!




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*These items were kindly provided to me for the purpose of reviewing them. As with all reviews I post, it is 100% honest and of my own personal opinion. For more information, visit my Disclosure Policy.