Lust Have It – April 2014 – Review

Hi everyone,

I was really excited to find the April Lust Have It box on my doorstep today as it came in a very different form!

All the products from this month’s ‘box’ come in a gorgeous clear zip bag that is perfect to use as a makeup bag! I really love these types of bags because there’s so many uses for them and they’re just convenient to have!

For those of you unfamiliar with Lust Have It, Lust Have It is a monthly beauty subscription box with the inclusion of 5-6 deluxe sized beauty items, priced at only $19.95 a month but if you use the code ‘TRIED1’ you can receive $5 off your first box!

Now onto the contents!


Wotnot Facial Wipes for Oily/Sensitive Skin. RRP $7.95 for 25 wipes. Received 5 wipes.

I really enjoy using these wipes because they’re really soft and don’t irritate the skin, they remove makeup really effectively and because of its natural ingredients, doesn’t strip the skin either. They’re one of my favourite brands of face wipes. I’ve reviewed these in full here.


Claytime 100% Pure Mineral Bronzer. RRP: $29.95 for 10g. Received FULL SIZE.

I’m not usually a fan of loose pigments, eye shadows or powders because I find them a bit messy to use on a daily basis. This limited edition bronzer can be used on the cheeks, face arms or legs to add an instant tanned look. Unfortunately, it does contain shimmer particles in it and is too dark for my skin tone, however, I’ll be passing it onto a friend who will make good use out of it.


Glamourflage Jane Jem Face Primer. RRP: $22.95 for 8.5ml. Received FULL SIZE.

I’m really excited to try this face primer because it is so different to the traditional primer! It comes in a gel form with a nail polish brush applicator and promises to banish shine and create the perfect base for your makeup. I’ve never seen a primer come packaged like this so I look forward to seeing how it performs!


Aveeno Daily Moisturizer Lotion. RRP: $9.95 for 225ml. Received 29ml sample.

This is a moisturiser that I’ve used many times in my life and it performs very well. I do think that its claims to ‘moisturise for 24 hours’ is true because you really can feel that your skin is soft, smooth and hydrated even a day after application! With the winter months coming, this little bottle is perfect to keep in the handbag to combat dry hands or any dry skin when you’re out and about.


Bioderma Atoderm Cream. RRP: $29.95 for 200ml. Received 15ml sample.

I haven’t tried a lot from the Bioderma brand so I look forward to trying this ultra rich moisturising and reconstructing cream. It can be used on the face and body and is suitable for sensitive skin. Again, this is a great product as we come into the colder months so it’ll definitely come in handy.


Overall, I do think that this months box is quite good. Although it isn’t as jam packed as previous boxes, I think Lust Have It have really thought about the coming winter season and included products that will come in use, such as the two moisturisers. A lot of people like to maintain the tanned look even in winter as your skin tone becomes lighter so the bronzer is a product that that those will enjoy.

Face wipes are just essential for most people and so convenient to have and to use. The face primer comes from a brand that I haven’t heard of before so it’s exciting to be able to try a new brand and that’s really one of the main appeals of a subscription box like this because you’re introduced to new brands and products that you wouldn’t necessarily encounter in day to day life. I would even consider the Lustre Beauty zip up bag a bonus product as I personally much prefer this over the traditional box the products used to be sent in because this bag is much more useful!


As Tried and Tested Blog is an affiliate, don’t forget that you can receive $5 off your first months box! Simply enter the code ‘TRIED’ when you sign up!



What do you think of this months contents? Leave a comment below!


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