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I was recently sent a very interesting email, introducing me to My Beauty Potential which I had never heard of before but I think it’s such an innovative program that you all may be interested in!

Launched at the end of April,  My Beauty Potential and Make Me Handsome (which is the male version) is a free online assessment program designed by a prominent Australian Dermatologist that you can take at home to learn more about your skin, problem areas as well as aging and over time, how and why your skin has changed. This then allows you to make changes in your lifestyle or skincare regime to resolve any issues in your problem areas.

my beauty potential

As you go through the 10 minute self assessment, you’ll be asked to match the current state of your skin with examples provided in each category and you can then rate how concerned you are with this issue, i.e wrinkles on your forehead or pigmentation.

At the end of the assessment, a beauty report is generated:

This report includes a breakdown of skin ages across multiple areas of the face, in addition to a total skin age and beauty score. This score is then compared to your biological age and is used to assess whether you are ageing prematurely, on target, or appear younger than your years. – My Beauty Potential


You’re then able to locate a local clinic to organise a visit so that they’re able to help you interpret the report and its results and make recommendations for any treatments you could undertake. The beauty report can then be saved for your records so that you’re able to go back and look over them to monitor your skin and identify any changes.examI did personally have a go at the program and found that it was really simple to use. I liked that in each category, there was a good range of real life human examples you could rate your own skin against, allowing you to be able to ensure a more accurate final report at the end of the process. However, I did find that you’re unable to receive a copy of your report unless you actually select a clinic to visit which was disappointing though understandable because it is a free online assessment. I would say that this program is more skewed towards those in the 30 – 50 year old age range because the results would be more useful than for someone who was of a younger age but nonetheless, its a great program to give you a real insight into your skin and its aging.

Here’s a quick video all about My Beauty Potential!


For more information, visit:

The My Beauty Potential website.

The My Beauty Potential Facebook Page.


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