How Many Different Ways Can You Use A Single Makeup or Beauty Product?

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Last week one of my favourite Youtubers, world renowned Make Up Artist Lisa Eldridge uploaded a look where she created a beautiful fresh and really fast makeup tutorial using only 3 products, yet she had applied makeup on her lashes, eyes, cheeks, lips and her base!

How you ask? Well she actually used each makeup product (foundation, mascara and a lipstick) multiple times on the face, each in a different way. Here is her video:

Her tutorial really got me thinking about how I could use a certain makeup product in a few different ways! I would’ve never have thought to use a lipstick as an eyeshadow or mascara to create a smudged out eyeliner look as she did in her video!


I’ve love to hear from all of you about how you use a certain makeup OR beauty product in multiple ways. Whether it be weird and whacky or something so obvious many of use miss, please share them below so that others can give them a try!


Here are some of mine:

  • The shades from a brow powder kit (especially those with a highlighter shade) can double up as eye shadows to create a look.
  • Using a light dusting of translucent face powder on the lips before a second coat of lipstick to help improve how long the colour lasts on the lips.
  • Using the serum left over in the bag from a sheet face mask as a serum that you massage into the face after using the face mask.
  • Using certain bronzers to contour, give the face a bronzed glow and to use as a crease colour for your eyes.
  • Soft pale eye shadows can double up as highlighters for your cheekbones.
  • Using Vaseline around the beds of your nails for an easy fix of any nail polish mistakes.


What are some products you use in multiple ways and how do you use them? Leave a comment below!


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