ORLY BB Creme for Nails

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While I’m sure everyone now knows all about BB creams and CC creams and even EE creams after the trend they created, have you ever thought about having a BB (blemish balm) cream for anything other than your face? Well, now you can!

Nail polish brand ORLY will be releasing a BB Creme for your nails! A first of its kind, this new product for your nails is sure to be the beginning of the nail care beauty alphabet!

The ORLY BB Creme will launch in the UK in August and contains ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin C, most commonly seen in skincare products. Intended to be used without the application of nail polish, this all in one, topical cosmetic treatment is aimed at brightening and smoothing your nails, improving its overall heath and appearance.

I’m keen to hear people’s thoughts when the product launches in August, however, I’m sure many will now have been over the beauty alphabet craze for quite a while. I personally don’t think it’ll be an essential product in a nail routine but I do look forward to seeing if it does provide a long term improvement to nails.


What do you think of a BB Creme for nails – unnecessary or innovative? Leave a comment below!


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