Favourites Of The Week!

Hi everyone,

After having a less stressful week this week as I only had one exam in the period, I was able to relax a little bit and have some downtime and I definitely think that my favourites this week reflect that!



1. Benefit Cosmetics ‘the POREfessional Agent Zero Shine’ – I have absolutely been loving this powder recently! It works so well applied onto moisturised skin as I don’t wear a base (foundation/bb cream) everyday as well as over a full face of makeup. It fills in the pores and gives your skin a beautiful smooth and perfected appearance. I will be reviewing this on the blog soon.

2. Orange Is The New Black – I was a huge fan of Season 1 so I was excited for it to recently come back with  a 13 episode second season. Before watching the first season, I had read up on what the show was about and didn’t think I would like it, however, I decided to give it a go anyway and it’s an amazing show, definitely one of my favourites!

3. Lea Michele’s album, Louder – I was a fan of Glee but stopped watching it after a few seasons when the original cast graduated and there was a new Glee class. I’m really happy that I’ve rediscovered Lea Michele’s voice and this album, has an amazing range of songs for every occasion and emotion!


What have your favourites been this week? Leave a comment below!


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That’s all for now,
triedandtestedblogger XOXO


6 responses to “Favourites Of The Week!

  1. Everyone keeps telling me to watch orange is the new black – not too sure what to expect but it sounds pretty good! xx


  2. A bit off topic, sort of, but it’s interesting what you said about Glee as I did the exact same thing. I actually caught a new episode and it just.. I dunno reminded me of when Dawsons Creek (showing my age here!) tried to make the whole college transition work 🙂 x

    • I’m not sure what changed it for me but it just didn’t seem to be as good when the cast changed! If only the original cast could’ve stayed in high school the whole time the show aired! x

  3. I was a little worried when I first started watching season 2 of OITNB, but then it got going. Not sure if it measured up to season 1 for me, though.

    • The first episode was a bit slow for me too! I think the first season just left everyone wanting more but when the second season was released all in one day, i dont think there was much suspense. Maybe the eps should’ve been released every week instead!

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