Taking A Look At: Ardell Curvy! Lashes & Ardell Dual Lash Applicator + Expert Tips for False Lash Application

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False lashes are a great way to add some drama to your eyes and is a firm favourite of mine when I attend parties! Ardell lashes are known for their quality and wide range of designs and they’re set to release a limited edition line of lashes, the Ardell Curvy! lashes.


The collection introduces 6 new designs with a Curvy! design, where the lashes are shorter towards the inner eye and  gradually become longer and longer towards the end of the eye. I really love this type of design for false lashes as they are a much more natural look (in terms of the lash hairs progressively becoming longer in length) and they give the illusion of a slight cat eye, drawing attention to the dramatic eye thanks to its winged out desgin.

Ardell Curvy! 410 LashesDSCN6836

These lashes feature a full band of lash hairs that alternate in length with the longer hairs naturally growing in length as the false lash progresses. As you can see, the last few groupings of lash hairs are more dramatic as they become fuller. Overall, they give the wearer both volume and length with a sexy outer flutter.

Ardell Curvy! 412 LashesDSCN6832

For more drama, the 412 design delivers! These lashes feature sparser lash hairs on the band with 8 statement clusters providing standout length. They add drama to the eyes and their design is still very wearable as the lashes aren’t too long. Compared to the 410 design, these lashes give more of an edgier look.

ardell curvy lashes

One of the reasons I really love Ardell lashes overall is that they’re really easy to apply and the quality stands out. Other lash brands have their lashes fitted onto a very stiff lash band that’s hard to glue down onto the contours of the eye and because they’re so inflexible, they make application very hard whilst the lash band is also more prone to unglue itself and stick up. The Ardell lashes have a thin lash band that’s easy to shift into shape and they stay that when on application. I’ve never had any issues with Ardell lashes in terms of quality either. They’re easily reusable over and over again, the lash hairs stay in place and the glue is easy to remove from the band. The lash hairs are soft and the lashes are lightweight meaning they wont rritate the eyes at all.

If your someone who just cant seem to apply lashes easily and correctly, then you might want to take a look at the Ardell Dual Lash Applicator!And the great news is that with the purchase of any Ardell Curvy! lash product, you’ll receive the Dual Lash Applicator FREE!

ardell dual lash applicator

Kylie Souvatzis, a Makeup Artist from Make Up Style Melbourne shares her tips to using the applicator:

When applying your lashes, tilt your head back and look into a mirror. Close one eye and use the curved end of the Ardell Dual Lash Applicator and place the lash in the middle of the eye, above the iris. Press the applicator down using the rubber tip and then pop down the left and right sides along the lash line. This tool makes application on ones own eyes so much easier! This applicator follows the shape of the lash so it is easier to hold and much better than using tweezers!

Kylie has also shared her tips for applying strip lashes like these Ardell Curvy! lashes with a very interesting fact!

When applying strip lashes, to find the exact length of your eye, simply place the lash just above the middle knuckle of the pointer finger, on the side closer to the fingertip (not the hand). The lash needs to measure from one side of the finger to the other but not wrap the whole way around. This is the length of your eye! If it is a little long, cut the side of the lash that would sit in the inner corner of the eye near the tear duct, this helps to keep the design and balance of the lash!


The Ardell Curvy! Lashes will be available in Pharmacies from July 2014. The lashes retail for $10.99 while the Dual Lash Applicator is $6.99.


Are you a false lash wearer? Have you tried any from Ardell? Leave a comment below!


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