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Over the last two months, I’ve been trialling 2 products from Kérastase Paris Cristalliste range. Kérastase Paris is a brand I associate with the best hair salons and after using these products for weeks I can definitely see why they’re such a popular choice!

The Cristalliste range was launched in 2013 by Kérastase Paris as a weightless, illuminating haircare collection targeted for long hair. They recently introduced two new products to the range: Luminous Perfecting Masque and Cristal Sculpt.


What makes this line so effective is the use of Liquid Light Complex, ‘a new breakthrough technology, which provides the ultimate care to treat the long hair fiber while leaving it pure and free flowing. As a result, the roots are purified and ends are polished making for luminous hair. Liquid Light Complex features:

  • OIL SOLUBILIZATION SYSTEM: New generation of high foaming cleansers, hair is perfectly cleansed, and roots are left pure and weightless
  • ANTI-DRY MAGNET-LIKE POLYMERS: Evenness of the hair fiber’s cuticle is restored, eco-friendly conditioning care agents, lengths and ends are smooth and polished
  • ALOE VERA ILLUMINATOR: A concentrated dose of amino-acids and vitamins that features Aloe Vera, which serves as a powerful natural moisturizer. It also provides hair with a natural glow and shimmer.’kerastase

The Kérastase Cristal Sculpt is a double serum sculptant to be used on hair before any heat styling. The product combines 2 different formulas when pumped out – an AHA formula which helps strengthen the hair whilst the Ceramide formula helps smooth and manage the hair. I personally try to keep blow drying my hair to a minimum but in Winter, it’s almost unavoidable as it’s just too cold to allow my hair to dry naturally, especially as I wash it before bed! The Cristal Sculpt is a beautiful light leave in formula that melts into the hair – I run this product from the mid lengths to the ends of my hair and then proceed to dry it. I firstly found that my hair dried quicker after using this product which is a definite advantage for anyone with long, thick hair! My hair was left beautifully soft and smooth and while it would usually frizz out a bit at the ends of my hair, after using the Cristal Sculpt, that didn’t happen. My hair was left looking and feeling light and healthy. Heat styling often dries out the hair and so some of its shine is lost but this product gives an incredible natural shine to the hair! The product also has a beautiful scent that lingers in the hair. When applied prior to using a straighter/curler, it yielded the same results and I found that the styling of the hair held its shape better and lasted longer!

kerastase paris cristalliste

I have to say, I’m in love with the Kérastase Cristalliste Luminous Perfecting Masque. It’s absolutely amazing and will place itself in my haircare routine as a staple. The masque itself is a gorgeous pink pearlescent gel cream texture free from any silicones that smells absolutely amazing. It contains Dry Oil as well as Candelilla Cera and Ceramide to strengthen and protect the hair. This is a rinse out masque that’s to be applied to towel dried clean hair from the midlengths downwards and left in for 5 minutes before it’s rinsed out. After shampooing and conditioning my hair as usual, I squeezed out the excess water and applied this product. A little does go a long way so only a small amount is needed for the whole head. Whilst rinsing it out, there are already immediate effects – my hair felt so smooth and it was easy for me to run my hands through it. After weeks of use, I also came to find that my hair was stronger as there was less breakage and fallout. Drying my hair, there was a definite WOW! moment. My hair felt so healthy and light with a gorgeous bounce to it. It was probably as soft as I’ve ever felt it and there was incredible luminous shine to the hair, as if I’d gotten a treatment in a hair salon!

The Luminous Perfecting Masque is such a luxurious product to use and from applying it onto the hair to the days after using it, it really does emulate the appearance and feel of a professional treatment. Although it does cost more than other hair masks, it is 100% worth the investment for your hair and because you don’t need a lot in a use, this product will last you a long time. I cannot rave enough about it – it’s by far the best hair masque I’ve ever tried!


The Kérastase Cristal Sculpt 30ml is available for $45.00 whilst the 200ml Kérastase Cristalliste Luminous Perfecting Masque is priced at $60.00.

The Cristalliste range also contains a shampoo, conditioner and serum. Kérastase Paris Cristalliste range is available exclusively from Kérastase Paris consultant salons. To find the nearest salon located to you, visit the Kerastase website or call 1300 365 552.


Have you tried any products from Kerastase? Leave a comment below!


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