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Today’s post is all about hair removal! It’s definitely a topic I haven’t really covered on the blog because it’s a bit of a personal beauty topic and there are just so many different products and services out there to remove unwanted hair. As someone who is fair skinned with dark hair, hair unfortunately really shows up on the skin so if there’s a quick and easy way to remove it effectively, then it’s a winner in my eyes!

And with Spring approaching and Summer just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about removing that unwanted hair!

nads hair removal products

Recently, I’ve been trialling 2 products from the Nad’s brand. I’m sure most of you have heard of, and even tried Nad’s products before but here’s a bit more information about the brand and how it began.

Part of Sue Ismiel & Daughters, Nad’s is Australian family-owned company with a global reputation. Nad’s was founded in 1992 by Sue Ismiel, a mother who created an extremely effective, no heat, natural hair removal product for her young daughter from ingredients she found in her own kitchen.

In 1998 Nad’s Natural Hair Removal Gel entered the United States market in what was the most successful product launch of its kind, and is now also sold in the UK and New Zealand.     –  Nad’s

nads facial hair removal creme

The Nad’s Facial Hair Removal Creme for Delicate Facial Areas is an easy to use product that gives great results and doesn’t irritate the skin on your face. One of the reasons I prefer to use a creme on the face over products like a wax strip is that it leaves the face both less irritated and red in colour so there’s no need to hide for a day until the irritation and redness subsides. The angled tip packaging of the tube really allows for easy use because it’s able to release the right amount of product on the targeted area. Suitable to be used on the face, upper lip and chin, the hair removal creme contains almond and calendula oil to protect the skin doing the process.


Image Source: Nad’s

The creme does have a scent that isn’t too pleasant but is definitely bearable and because the product works so well, it’s something that doesn’t bother me too much. To use this product, there are only 4 simple steps: apply a thick even layer of the product, leave it on for 4 to a maximum of 10 mins, checking in between for hair removability. Wipe the creme and removed hair away with a cloth and then rinse the area, then finally apply the Moisture+ Soothing Face Balm for some skin relief. I found that I had to leave the creme on for about 8 minutes before I was able to completely wipe away all the unwanted hair. The creme didn’t irritate my skin in any way and I was very happy with the results – it removed unwanted hair effectively but gently at the same time. The Moisture+ Soothing Face Balm acted as a nice product to protect the area after hair removal.


nads brazillian and bikini wax

I don’t have a lot of experience with using hard waxes as before this product, I’d only tried one other brand with disappointing results so I was a bit hesitant to try this product. However, I was very impressed with this product from Nad’s. Because it is a hard wax, it doesn’t come with cloth wax strips to remove the hair, instead, you allow the wax to cool down and rip it off, as you would if it were a wax strip. The Nad’s Brazilian and Bikini Wax Kit comes with a 140g pot of wax, 4 ‘cheeky’ shapes for Brazilian waxes, 2 spatulas, a stick, 3 post wax calming oil wipes and some instructions.


Image Source: Nad’s

The instructions on how to use this kit are very straightforward and easy to follow with success. The wax itself has a pleasant scent thanks to the inclusion of mango and peach. I found the whole process quick, relatively painless and there wasn’t to much of a mess made. Because it is still a wax product being applied to a sensitive area, there is some pain but it’s definitely not excruciating. I opted for a Bikini Wax, like depicted in the diagram above and found that it didn’t leave my skin with any irritation or reaction. It was a bit sore and red, as it is whenever you use any waxing product but I found that it very effectively removed unwanted hair from the area. This product is perfect for everyone, whether you’re too shy to go to a salon or you aren’t that experienced with using a wax like this, this product is easy to use with effective results. The amount of wax provided is also a standout because you can definitely get quite a few uses out of it (if you are using it for a bikini wax) and works out to be much more affordable than going to a salon.


The Nad’s Facial Hair Removal Creme for Delicate Facial Areas is priced at $7.49 and the Nad’s Brazilian and Bikini Wax is priced at $15.95. Nad’s Hair Removal Products are available at Coles, Woolworths, Priceline and selected pharmacies and retailers. For more information about Nad’s products for men and women, visit their website.

Nad’s have also opened their own Laser Hair Removal Clinics to suit individual needs as well as budgets. The stores are located in the CBD of Sydney, Parramatta, Warringah and Burwood.



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