An Interview with Dia Foley, Vice President of Sales and Marketing of Indeed Laboratories

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I was given the opportunity to interview the lovely Dia Foley, VP of Sales and Marketing of one of my all time favourite skincare brands, Indeed Laboratories. I hope that this little interview will give you a little bit more of an insight into the brand and it’s products!


Could you please tell us a little about yourself and your past and present roles at Indeed Labs.dia foley vp sales and marketing indeed laboratories

I’ve been living and breathing this beauty industry for over 20 years. It’s been my career but more importantly I’m devoted to educating women about beauty and skin care. I want women to have access to the best quality skin care products without breaking the bank on false hope.

Indeed Labs came about because as I was going in front of the camera for an appearance on TV using the “new” at the time technology, I caught sight of my skin during the playback. It wasn’t pretty. HD digital clarity shows every line, pore and imperfection. HD technology was innovative and cosmetic products that were just as groundbreaking, that would hold up under this visual scrutiny proved to be equally as needed.

That’s when I came up with the concept for nanoblur. It can be called a skin perfector, skin finisher or blurring product as it does all three. For HD it works beautifully. It affects the way light is reflected off skin. Light becomes diffused and scattered, creating a smoothing effect while helping to minimise pores, soften lines and diminish minor unevenness. It was initially created for on-camera talent but who wouldn’t want this look for everyday?

nanoblur made record sales in a number of countries and now our other products, especially the hydraluron moisture and hydration line are following suit.


What is one thing about Indeed Laboratories everybody should know?

Women are looking for high performance, innovative products. Products that do what they say. The women who work at Indeed Labs are consumers first and we are always on the lookout for products that deliver realistic results. As a cosmetic company committed to bringing innovation, we believe that technological advances in skincare development will aid in improving the state of our skin. Indeed Labs is founded on this principle.


Why do you think Indeed Labs products are so successful in delivering their claims?

Indeed Labs skin care combines science and solutions alongside bright, colourful packaging containing peptide-based, fragrance free products. All these factors resonate with both women and men. It’s for a person who is serious and concerned about doing the best for their skin, while still leaving room for fun and cheekiness in life. This is the philosophy behind Indeed Labs and what we share with consumers.


How does Indeed Labs determine what product to develop next?


We try to target issues that women have with their skin. We have now created 3 hydraluron products because most people have an issue with dehydration. We look at the latest innovations being made in science, what consumers are telling us they need as well as what gaps currently exist in the personal care category to come up with new formulations and products.


A number of other beauty brands have launched their versions of a ‘blur’ product in the past year. Why do you think ‘blur’ products have become such a trend?

Because most of us need a little help! Who has perfect skin all the time? No one over the age of 10 that’s who. We live in a time where almost every moment of daily life is recorded and apps, filters and software can help us look pixel perfect. The combination of constant demand combined with a digital aesthetic we’re now used to, has led to a desire to re-create that flawless appearance in real life.


What sets nanoblur apart from its competitors?

nanoblur is the original blurring, skin perfector and finisher. In the case of nanoblur, in can be worn without, applied under, mixed with, or patted over top of makeup which makes it completely different from all the other primers, blurring products and skin perfectors. Here in Australia, nanoblur is the #1 SKU in Priceline’s skincare division and at launch in the UK one sold every 6 seconds.


What are the top 4 Indeed Labs products everyone should be using and why?


hydraluron moisture serum should be used everyday. It contains a pure form of hyaluronic acid, which holds 1000 times its weight in water, and has red marine algae to help with the delivery. Hyaluronic acid is something that is actually found in your body but as you get older it lessens. This serum helps get that moisture and plumpness back into your skin.

nanoblur is great for many ages. We find people in their teens and 20’s who have some oiliness, enlarged pores and/or uneven skin using it. Those in their 30’s, 40’s 50’s and higher are also using nanoblur for the same reasons and also to minimise lines and smooth out their skin texture instantly.

retinol reface as retinols are the gold standard in their proven ability to stimulate collagen production, improving fine lines and wrinkles, refining texture and tone and treating acne. That said, there is no one stand-alone ingredient. Good skin care is a synergistic process. retinol reface skin resurfacer contains not just one, but 3 forms of retinol to help deliver softer, smoother looking skin, while targeting the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

eysilix eye cream. Since eyes don’t lie. They’re a telltale sign of sleepless nights from work, kids or having a little too much fun. eysilix total eye rescue has 10 peptides that help to reduce the appearance of puffiness, dark circles and it targets fine lines and wrinkles.

I know it’s one more but our new facial powdered exfoliator is fantastic. It’s a soft micropowder formula that is activated by simply adding water. It has both physical and chemical exfoliators to gently smooth skin, re-surfacing it to reveal a softer, more polished skin texture without the use of harsh abrasives. And it’s just fun to apply. Use it on your body as well! Say goodbye to rough, dry elbows and knees. Ingredients include: bamboo extract, rice bran powder, pineapple enzymes, Okinawa red algae and hyaluronic acid.


A huge thank you to Dia Foley and Indeed Laboratories for kindly allowing me to send over some interview questions!


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