The Q & A Sessions #1

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So a while ago, I put out a notice to my followers on Instagram and Facebook that I was planning to do a Q & A post on the blog. A huge thank you to those who submitted questions and today I’ll be answering them!The Q & A SessionsBest eye cream?

I don’t really chop and change eye creams as much as I do with other skincare products but one that I always go back to is Eysilix from Indeed Laboratories. I think it does a great job of helping the eyes look more awake and have helped with the darkness under my eyes. I have a full review here.


Pigmentation!! Any feedback would be great!

So there are a number of different types of pigmentation, from scars to freckles to hyperpigmentation and more. I’ve personally found that the products that work the best are ones that are labeled ‘brightening’ or those that contain Vitamin C or Glycolic Acid. I know a lot of people are hesitant to use brightening products because they think that it’ll cause bleaching of the skin, etc but that is definitely not the case with brightening products in the Western market. All they do is brighten your complexion, giving it a more even, smoother finish whilst lightening any pigmentation. Vitamin C and Glycolic Acid also work to lighten pigmentation.


What do you study at Uni?

I’m studying a combined Business and Law degree and I’m in my second year.


Favourite lipstick brand?

Recently, I’ve rekindled my love for ELES Cosmetics lipsticks! Their Micro Bubble Lipsticks are so beautiful and creamy. They last well on the lips, are pigmented and never dry out the lips because they have conditioning properties and the shade range is great!


Exfoliant peels, yay or nay?

Yay. I have to admit that I used to be so afraid of any products that had the word ‘peel’ in it but over the past year or so, I’ve tried quite a few products and I find that they really do work and to a much better extent when compared to a traditional exfoliant such as ones in cleansers, etc.


Favourite drugstore makeup brand?

Hmm, that’s a hard one but I’d have to say Maybelline. I love so many of their products, especially their mascaras and Color Tattoos. Their lip products are great too and their Age Rewind concealer has become a new favourite of mine!


Moisturiser with SPF for blemish-prone skin that has a matte finish?

I’ve personally found that moisturisers which contain an SPF are never really matte (on my skin atleast) but I’d highly recommend the Indeed Laboratories Hydraluron Moisture Jelly. Although it doesn’t contain an SPF, it’s a gel texture that instantly melts into your skin, giving it hydration whilst leaving absolutely no residue on the skin after application or hours after so it won’t cause any excess oil on your skin and it’s definitely suitable for all skin types. I have a full review here.


How do you keep up the motivation to post regularly?

There are definitely days where I’m really busy or just simply not in the mood to blog but I really try to stick to my schedule of a new post every second day. Planning and organisation plays a really big part to help me keep posting regularly. I plan all my posts for the week ahead of time so I know what I have to do, I then get myself organised for those by editing the images I’ve taken (I take images of the products when I receive them to be able to catalogue them), it really saves time not to have to rush and do them on the day the post is to be published on the blog. I also have quite a few backup posts already done and dusted and so if there comes a day where I’m not feeling well or don’t have the time to blog, I publish one of those. I think the best way to stay motivated is to have a passion for what you’re writing about because inspiration always strikes!


What was the first product that made you really excited about makeup/skincare?

I can’t really remember an exact product having that effect on me but I think Mascara and Lip Gloss really were the first ever makeup products I owned and used and they’re what probably sparked my interest in beauty and wanting to explore it more!


Best foundation?

There are two foundations that really stand out for me – Rimmel London’s Wake Me Up Foundation and L’Oreal Paris’ Nude Magique Eau De Teint. Wake Me Up gives a gorgeous glow to the skin and a great amount of coverage. It really does ‘wake’ your skin up and give it a bright glowing finish that lasts well throughout the day. The Nude Magique is a great foundation to give a nice coverage whilst still leaving your skin to shine through for a natural finish. I love its lightweight feel and touch which makes it easy to wear on a daily basis.



If you have any other questions, beauty related or not that you’d like me to answer on my next Q & A post, please leave them below!

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