ELES Cosmetics Sensitive Eyes Mascara – Review

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Today I’ll be reviewing the ELES Cosmetics Sensitive Eyes Mascara which I have been using the past few weeks!


The ELES Sensitive Eyes Mascara comes in sleek packaging and is targeted towards those with sensitive eyes but this mascara is perfect for any glasses or contact wearers as well thanks to its fragrance free, botanical formula which ensures no irritation to the eyes. With a bristled wand as opposed to a plastic one, this mascara works wonderfully to not only give length and volume but also to define and separate the lashes.

The formula of the mascara is one on the drier side when compared to some other mascaras but that simply means that the mascara is easy to build up and apply! The mascara wore wonderfully on the eyes and only after a very long day was there only a slight breakdown of the mascara on the lower lash line (though this may just be a personal thing as this occurs to me with nearly all mascaras!) but other than that, throughout the day there was no smudging or flaking and so it definitely holds up on a normal day of wear. The mascara didn’t cause my eyes any irritation at all, even after a long day so it’s a great choice for anyone looking for a gentle on the eyes mascara.


I found this product to be really versatile because it is so buildable. With one coat, it gives your lashes a beautiful natural finish, while with 3 coats, it transforms your lashes with volume and length whilst still maintaining a natural wearable finish free of any clumping or heaviness. Using a makeup remover, the mascara was very easy to remove with no excessive force needed.


The ELES Cosmetics Sensitive Eyes Mascara is avalaible from the ELES Cosmetics website for $35.75 and comes in 2 shades, Black and Black/Brown.



Do you prefer a natural or more dramatic lash look?

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