A Quick Update!

Hi everyone,

Just a quick post to let you know what has been happening regarding the blog. As most of you would know, I upload a new post every second day but I haven’t been able to the last week or so and that’s because my computer has died (and has been unable to be fixed) and so I’ve lost a lot of recent images taken for my blog posts as well as losing access to my editing software, etc.

Although I do have a laptop to blog from, without having the ability to edit images I have backed up and not having time to retake new images to replace the ones that I lost thanks to a super busy time at Uni, I’m definitely lagging behind on reviewing products.

I’m so sorry about this but I am going out to buy a new computer tomorrow so hopefully I’ll be able to get everything up and running again soon!

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8 responses to “A Quick Update!

  1. Sorry to hear that. Have you considered using data recovery services? I’m not from Sydney so can’t recommend anyone, but I’ve used some in Melbourne and so far the experience has been good. Good luck

    • Thanks for your suggestion Fei! I had a friend who’s quite good with computers take a look and they said there probably wasn’t any chance of recovering anything so I went off to buy a new computer!

  2. Gosh hon, what a nightmare it is when these smart boxes go haywire. Losing your pics would be shattering, they’re always so classy and professional you obviously put a lot of effort into them. And the there’s the frustration of not having your usual resources at your fingertips – boo! Thinking of you ♡

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