The 5 Spring Scents I’d Recommend This Year!

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Today I thought I’d share with you all my picks for Spring scents this season. I’ve just come to realise that I don’t think I’ve ever done a post on fragrances but I actually really love collecting perfumes! I have about 15 out and on rotation but I usually stick to a key few each season and when it comes to the more expensive fragrances, I always try to use them sparingly or on special occasions because I just want them to last as long as they can! I also always go for EDP over EDT when I can as well, because the scent lasts longer.

the perfect spring scents

Killer Queen by Katy Perry

Now I wouldn’t say that I’m a huge fan of celebrity scents but I certainly don’t shun them or write them off. I always base my decision to purchase or not on the actual scent and when I first received a tester for this perfume, I knew I had to go out and purchase it! I find this scent to be targeted toward an older demographic than her previous perfumes as it’s much stronger and a more mature scent. When first sprayed, it almost has a masculine element to it, it’s quite warm and woody but once it has had some time to settle, it really mellows out to a wonderful scent that I think is perfect for Autumn or Spring. It’s a very warm and inviting scent with a slight hint of berries.


The Voice Fragrance*

Now I know most people will find this an odd fragrance to have in their collection but it actually is a very nice scent! The packaging is a bit novelty but I think for a fragrance representing the TV show, The Voice, it’s a great fit! The actual scent is mildly warm and fruity and it is a stronger scent. However, because it is an EDT, I find that it just doesn’t last very long on my skin so I think this fragrance would be more suited to those who only need the scent to last for a few hours when the pop down to the shops etc. and it would be perfect for every die hard fan of The Voice to keep as a momento.


Dot by Marc Jacobs

I held off purchasing this until my mum traveled overseas so she could purchase it for me from the Duty Free Store in the airport so that it would be a little cheaper! Both the scent and the packaging are gorgeous and I think this scent is perfect for those in their late teens and in their twenties. Whilst it is a fun fruity and floral scent, it isn’t overly so and has a slight warmth to it which I think it makes it perfect for Spring. I find that the scent does develop and transform throughout the day and the freshness of the scent mellows to a drier scent that lasts very well.


Down Town by Calvin Klein

I was never really a fan of Calvin Klein fragrances but when this scent was being released, there was a lot of hype surrounding it on social media so I thought I ‘d better go and test it and I really enjoyed it. Whilst the scent didnt blow me away, I found it on sale for half price at Myer and that was too good an offer to pass up! Compared to the other scents in this post, this perfume is much lighter and more fresh, leaning towards the floral notes. I’d say it’s a very traditional scent so it’s great for everyday use.  The scent isn’t overly warm or spicy and is quite a muted and mellow scent that I think nearly everybody would enjoy.


Taylor by Taylor Swift

This is a much more sophisticated scent when compared to her prior releases of Wonderstruck and Enchanted Wonderstruck. While I’m not the biggest fan of the packaging of this scent, I really do enjoy the actual perfume. The scent isn’t overly sweet or overly fresh and has an overall floral scent with a hint of woodiness. Compared to some of the above fragrances, I do find that it doesn’t last a whole day out which is a shame but if you have a small perfume atomiser to take out with you, then it isn’t too big of an issue.


What’s your favourite Spring perfume?

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