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Recently, the lovely Sophie from Born To Buy created a wonderful tag centred around lipbalms and she kindly tagged me via Instagram to do the tag so that’s what I have for you today!top 5 lip balm tag

Best high end lip balm?

I actually don’t own a high end lip balm! As a Uni student, I just don’t have the funds to splurge on a product like a lip balm but I do definitely have one on my wishlist and it’s the By Terry Baume de Rose which I’ve only heard rave reviews about.


Lip balm you have a love/hate relationship with?

The Maybelline New York Baby Lips! Some days I find it adequate enough to provide my lips with some moisture and because I don’t have dry lips, I don’t necessary need one that is super moisturising so something light can do the job. On other days, I find that it actually does nothing and can sometimes actually make my lips a little bit drier than it actually was prior to use! It’s definitely a love hate relationship with this one!


Best before bed lip balm? 

I was introduced to the Subtle Energies Rose Petal Lip Balm a little less than 3 months ago and this lip balm is by far one of the best I’ve never tried! It’s light but super hydrating and the hydration lasts for hours so it’s perfect to use before bed if you want to wake up with smooth, soft lips! I have a full review here.


Best affordable lip balm? 

I’d have to go with the EOS lip balms! This is one people either really love or hate but I really like them. Whilst they aren’t the most hydrating, they do pretty well in moisturisng the lips and keeping them smooth and soft. I love the fun packaging and the spherical design of them!


Handbag essential?

I recently picked up the latest edition of ELLE Magazine which is giving readers a full size Lanolips 101 Ointment in Peach and after only a short period of time using it, I already love it! The packaging is lovely and it smells great too but what makes it such a great handbag essential is that it is a multitasker! You can use it on your lips or cuticles and any other dry skin you may have! Perfect for when you’re out and about.


Bonus – Other or honourable mention! 

I have to mention the Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub! Although it isn’t a lip balm, it’s a great addition to anyone’s lip product collction! It contains caster sugar to exfoliate the lips and jojoba oil to leave them so smooth and soft. The bubblegum scent is amazing!


A huge thank you to the gorgeous Sophie for the tag and for you reading this post, I tag you to do this post! Let me know if you do so I can pop over and read your post!


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11 responses to “THE BALMY ARMY | Top 5 Lip Balm TAG

  1. Great answers! I haven’t heard of Subtle Energies but now I really want to. Oh great, another lip balm to add to the list! Thank you for doing the tag. xx

  2. I haven’t used any high end lip balms either. Not sure if it’s necessary anyway! I bought the Elle magazine also to scoop the peach lanolips but haven’t tried it yet as I love lanolips and have the original the lemonaide one which I find helps to exfoliate my last lips and I want to use those I’ve got open before opening the peach one…hard tho! Burts bees is the best lip balm imo. Using wax as opposed to mineral oils it absorbs and repairs my lips. Mineral oil based balms can have a reverse effect, only putting a layer ontop of the lip and nothing sinking in and be very drying and end up with a cycle of being unable NOT to apply it as ur lips are continued to be dried out. Like a revolving door – which is why I stick to natural wax based balms. Have a zillion!

  3. Have almost used up my Lanolips 101 Ointment in Peach 😦 and I couldn’t find it in Priceline, so I bought the Tinted Ointment in Rose, which is very nice, but not quite as thick.

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