Youngblood Mineral Primer – Review

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Now I’m sure many of you have heard of the beauty saying of ‘Not to prime is a crime!’ I’ve always opted to use some sort of a primer whenever I use foundation as I find that it does both help makeup apply more smoothly and also ensure that your makeup stays in place for the day. There are a multitude of primers on the market, targeting everything from oily skin to lines and wrinkles, pores and more.

The most recent primer I’ve used for the past few weeks is the Youngblood Mineral Primer. I haven’t tried much from the brand in the past so I was looking forward to putting this to the test. With a paraben free and cruelty free formula with naturally occurring nutrients, vitamins and minerals, it aims to ‘enhance your makeup’s performance…diffuse the appearance of fine lines and pores, creating a smooth, even canvas for foundation – even under the hi-def spotlight.’

youngblood mineral primer

The primer itself comes in a nicely packaged pump bottle with a clear window which I love as you’re able to see just how much product you have left. Clear in colour, the primer dispenses with some hold in its consistency but once you work it into the skin, it instantly transforms and melts into a very thin consistency that allows you to spread it all over your face very easily. One pump is definitely more than enough for the whole face because the product is so easily applied and the formula really allows you some time to work it into the face. The mineral primer has a light feeling on the skin and leaves a silky, silicone finish that leaves the face feeling incredibly soft.

I found it best to leave the primer to sit on the skin for a minute before continuing on to apply a foundation and both powder and liquid foundations worked well over this product. Whilst I didn’t notice a reduction in the appearance of fine lines and pores, the primer did work well at providing the perfect base for my foundation to glide onto as well as keeping the makeup in place all day. Both types of foundation glided effortlessly onto the skin and any dry patches on the face were masked by this primer, allowing my foundation to have a smooth, perfected finish.

I’m personally out of the house for no longer than 8 hour blocks and I found that the Youngblood Mineral Primer was able to keep my makeup in place the whole time! I didn’t find my foundation to move or fade away nor did I find it to split/crack around my smile lines (which is where I find I have the most issue of foundation movement) so this product definitely ensured that my makeup stayed in place. On my normal skin type, I didn’t find it to produce any excess oil or shine on my skin either and it did not cause any irritation or breakouts.

youngblood mineral primer.

Overall, I found the Youngblood Mineral Primer to be a great primer to perfect your base before foundation application and to increase the longevity of your makeup lasting on your skin. It’s definitely one of the best primers I’ve used in terms of helping your makeup last through the day, even through hot weather. As recommended, I think it would also work wonderfully on mature skin which tends to be more on the drier side as it’s able to ensure that foundation doesn’t cling to any dry patches and I think the formula would be able to diffuse some fine lines by smoothing out the skin’s surface. Being a mineral primer, it also contains a whole host of wonderful ingredients to help improve and protect the skin.

You can purchase the Youngblood Mineral Primer from Beauty On A Budget which also offers free samples with every purchase and a Beauty Points Reward Program!



Do you use a primer on a regular basis?

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12 responses to “Youngblood Mineral Primer – Review

  1. Terrific review T&T thanks heaps – primers vary so much as do the results, and I’m definitely in the market for one that’ll take me through summer without any melting lol…

  2. I haven’t tried the Youngblood one but I have used other products of theirs. I am currently using HourglassMineral Veil and it is amazing. I am on the lookout though for something that is a little cheaper and this is one i just might have to try. X

  3. Great review. I havent tried any of their products. It sounds like a perfect primer for lasting makeup. It would be perfect if it did indeed help mature skin. I use primers almost every time I use foundation. Recently abstaining occasionally when using a sunblock as I found my usual primer was balling with it which is a problem I need to sort out as I love the results, the ease of application of foundation, longevity and helping to hide those small imperfections.
    How did you find it with sunscreen?

    • Thanks Helen! I think because of it’s texture, it would work well on more mature skin! I didnt have any issues with using it over sunscreen but whenever I layer products, I always ensure that I give it time to sink in before going onto and applying the next stage of skincare/makeup as I find that helps to ensure no issues arise.

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