Tuscan Tan Wash Off Bronzing Mousse, Facial Tanning Serum & Mitt – Review

This review was written by the lovely Sarah Foote (Bows & Pleats) via the Tried and Tested Blog Review Team.

Tuscan Tan Wash Off  Bronzing Mousse facial tanning serum

Tuscan Tan Wash Off Bronzing Mousse

When using the Tuscan Tan Wash Off Bronzing Mousse, I was quite intrigued and happy to find that this is an instant fake tan, so the product is not required to be developed over time, which is great for times when you want to look darker in a short amount of time, instead of having to apply your tan the night before. The packaging of this product is simple and sleek with a white bottle, and the Tuscan Tan logo. The mousse is easy to pump out into your hands or using a tanning mitt, and the consistency is a light, airy foam, that is dark brown in colour. The product has a light vanilla/coconut scent but I didn’t find that it was overpowering at all.

When first applying the mousse, I pumped out the product onto a tanning mitt and then used the mitt to apply to different sections of my body. I found that at first the tan would appear to be a little streaky, even when blending in with the mitt, but within a few minutes the tan would dry and would appear much more even on the skin.

My initial thoughts were that the tanning product was quite dark. Even with just one layer, I could see an instant bronzing effect to my skin. I have a medium skin tone, but those who are paler would most likely require only one layer to achieve a medium to dark bronzed tan. I applied two layers and found that this produced a dark tan on my skin. I also found that the tan is quite green based, so it did not appear orange at all! My skin felt soft and hydrated after applying the product.

Tuscan Tan Wash Off  Bronzing Mousse

The mousse claims to be “transfer-resistant” however I found that some of the tan did transfer on to my clothes around the armpit area, most likely due to perspiration, so I would be aware of this and you may wish to avoid wearing lighter colours after applying this mousse.

This product makes fake tanning very simple. The Tuscan Tan Bronzing Mousse was easy to apply and the instructions were very straight forward. If you are a tanning newbie, this would be perfect for you!

The product washes off in the shower with exfoliation and soap, however instructions recommend using the Tuscan Tan pH Balanced Skin Wash for best results.


Tuscan Tan Facial Tanning Serum

The Tuscan Tan Facial Tanning Serum has the same sleek white packaging as the Tanning Mousse. It also comes in a pump bottle, which is convenient to use and avoids wasting any product. The consistency of the facial serum is a light, creamy and smooth texture. It is also brown in colour. The serum has a light chocolate, caramel scent that is very subtle. The tanning serum is best applied using your fingertips, and applying all over your face, avoiding overuse around the eyebrow area and hairline. It blends into the skin very easily and doesn’t feel greasy, soaking into the skin within a few minutes.

The tanning serum provides a very natural glow to the face. I found that the results were noticeable but they weren’t too dark or streaky at all. After I applied this product to my face, it looked like I had just come from the beach and achieved a healthy natural glow. I really loved this product and would highly recommend it.

Tuscan Tan Facial Tanning Serum


Tuscan Tan Tanning Mitt

The Tuscan Tan Tanning Mitt is a very similar style to many other tanning mitts currently on the market. It has a velvet fabric on the outside and that is able to blend tanning products into the skin to reduce a streaky finish. The mitt did not stain my hands when I was using it in conjunction with the Tuscan Tan Wash Off Bronzing Mousse, and I felt like it assisted with blending out the tan evenly. The mitt does what it is supposed to do, but I don’t think there is anything about it that really stood out to me.


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