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I have to admit that in the past, I was never one for regular and consistent body moisturising. I just found it a bit of a hassle to sit there and rub it in and then there would be that uncomfortable sticky feeling where your limbs would stick to your clothes! But over the last year or so, I’ve really changed my stance on using body moisturisers because they really do make such a different on the appearance and quality of your skin (even if you dont see your skin as dry).

Palmer’s have recently launched their range of Rapid Moisture Spray Lotions which makes it SO much quicker and easier to apply to the skin!

palmers cocoa butter rapid moisture spray lotion instant cooling stretch marks deep moisture natural bronze coconut rich

Created especially for use ‘on the go’. Palmer’s new RapidSorb® technology uses no propellants and the non-staining formula means you can get dressed in a jiffy! The new bag-in-a-can system uses compressed nitrogen to deliver fine, even, non-chilling spray – without propellant gasses so it’s still good for the environment.

The range of 5 Rapid Moisture Spray Lotions include the Cocoa & Aloe, Cocoa & Shea, Cocoa & Coconut Oil combinations plus the Rapid Moisture Spray Lotion in Natural Bronze which is a daily use gradual tanning moisturiser and the Spray Lotion for Stretch Marks. All are Paraben and Phthalate free and the spray mechanism doesn’t use any propellants so all that is released onto your skin is pure product.

As you would expect, the Spray Lotions are quite scented and they differ slightly with each lotion. With a locking mechanism on it’s cap, it ensures that there aren’t any accidental sprays or leaks if you’re taking this product with you while you travel. I found that I didn’t need too long a continuous spray for each limb as the amount of product dispensed was sufficient. As recommended, it’s best applied directly to the skin from 7 – 10 cm away and then gently rubbed into the skin. The consistency of the product is very light compared to a traditional body moisturiser as you can imagine and this makes it so much easier to rub into the skin. I found that I didn’t need to put too much effort into rubbing the product in as I usually would as due to how thin the lotion was as well as the Rapidsorb® Technology which is said to allow for rapid absorption. Once absorbed into the skin, I didn’t notice any greasy residue nor did it stain my clothes after application and instantly, my skin did feel really soft and moisturised and that feeling lasted all day and even the next morning, my skin still felt nicely hydrated. I love the spray application which really takes the hassle out of manual application.

Out of the 3 Rapid Moisture Spray Lotions I personally tried (Cocoa & Aloe, Cocoa & Shea, Cocoa & Coconut Oil), my favourite had to be the Instant Cooling one which gave amazing relief from the hot weather thanks to the cool feel of the product and I think it would be absolutely amazing to take with you to the beach or park on a hot Summer’s day! The Coconut Rich Spray Lotion is also a lovely Summer pick and the Deep Moisture variation would be perfect for those with drier skin and for everyone during the colder months when skin tends to be at its driest.

Via the Tried and Tested Blog Review Team, the delightful Helen J trialled the Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Rapid Moisture Spray Lotion in Natural Bronze and here are her thoughts:


”I would definitely describe this Palmer’s product as extremely effective and completely different, in a great way, to what I had expected! Being new to tanning products I was excited at the opportunity to experiment.

I found that my skin was well hydrated after each use for a full 24 hours which I really enjoyed. As I expected it to take several applications to start to show, I awoke the day after the first application with a huge surprise!! Using the word ‘gradual’ in the name made me think of very different results, rather it developed over the 14-18 hours after the initial application.

While the results were significantly more than I expected I still desired a deeper tan so day two I reapplied it and again awoke to a deeper tan. By now, I was lusting after an even deeper tan and with the ease of applying a deeply moisturising product I reapplied it on the third day. I found that by the time this application had ‘developed’ I did indeed have a deep but still natural looking tan. I feel if I had reapplied at this stage it would’ve started looking like a ‘fake’ tan and a little orange. I’m glad I had restraint as I enjoyed the results and it maintained the colour for several days. I then thoroughly exfoliated and what surprised me was that it didn’t remove all the colour and one further application brought it back to colour I love.

Years of over exposure to sunlight has resulted in horrible sun spots and white spots on my neck, décolletage and forearms which are highlighted even more with sun exposure. The dark spots become darker and the white spots stand out more and I’m very self-conscious of them and of how ageing they are. Even though I have been enjoying my lovely tanned legs, it was how well it covered my uneven skin tone and pigmentation on my arms and neck/ décolletage areas that I enjoyed the most. This really boosted my confidence. Recently with the warmer weather I immediately felt more confident with the look of even bronzed skin. Even though I haven’t used any ‘high end’ tanning products I have no doubt that Palmer’s Gradual Natural Bronze would rival those with prices over double of this one.  After almost two years of using different products on my face and neck to reduce pigmentation, I have been avoiding the sun and have been missing the colour. Now I can have the best of both worlds!

I did find it partially blocked after the first few initial uses and it says on the can to rinse the sprayer under warm water if it does. It didn’t fully unblock and was a little more difficult to use but I was still able to spread it by my hands and remained streak free.”
The Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Rapid Moisture Spray Lotion for Stretch Marks ($15.99), Rapid Moisture Spray Lotion in Natural Bronze ($12.99) and Rapid Moisture Spray Lotions Instant Cooling, Deep Moisture and Coconut Rich ($9.99) are available from Priceline, Coles, Woolworths, and other Palmer’s stockists you can find here.



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