Australia Post introduces ShopMate Parcel Forwarding Service

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There is some very exciting news that has just been released by Australia Post. As you might know, many people have been using parcel forwarding services in order to make purchases from the US and to get them shipped here. This concept has really taken off this year and there are numerous different companies that offer this service to Australia residents but one thing that has out me off using them is not knowing exactly how much the fees would be, if there were any hidden costs, how reliable they were, etc.

shopmate australia post

Well now AusPost has launched their own shipping service! The ShopMate service provides you with your own individual US address via a suite number (each person’s is different) as well as, of course the ShopMate address which I presume to be a warehouse. Described as being divided into 4 easy steps, you first create an account to obtain your personalized ShopMate address, shop at your favourite online US stores and once the parcel arrives at the ShopMate warehouse, you then have to declare the package and pay the ShopMate fees and you will then receive your package within 5 – 8 business days.

There are a list of items that are prohibited including perfumes, nail polish and food.

shopmate aus post shipping rate

Shipping your parcel from the US to here in Australia will cost a flat rate of $24.95 plus $5.95 for every 500g the parcel weighs. I’m not too sure of the pricing mechanisms of other parcel forwarding services but on first glance, Australia Post’s prices are not inexpensive so while I find their service much more appealing to me as I see them as more reliable and trustworthy than their competitors (we’ll be able to have somewhere to go to complain if something bad occurs), I’ll have to really work out if purchasing from the US and getting the parcel shipping here really works out as being more affordable.


Will you be signing up for Australia Post’s ShopMate service?

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17 responses to “Australia Post introduces ShopMate Parcel Forwarding Service

  1. That is interesting! When u say declare does that mean we would pay taxes on things?? If not it’s like the $25 is insurance!!

  2. Sounds like something that should have been in existence forever! Bummer about the perfumes, nail polish and food though! I’ve always wanted to try a Twinkie 😉

  3. Sound’s like a great service. I’m using the NZ one by NZ post called YouShop. I’d really like a service that I can order from Priceline etc and have it shipped to NZ (where we don’t have anything like priceline) as a stand-alone store. I’d definitely signup if they started a service with Australian box forwarding address shipped to NZ and Asia.

  4. i found something online a coupel of weeks ago and it would have come in so handy then so i will definetley sign up!

  5. It’s just another freight forwarder, The game changer is #CrowdShipping a trust based On-demand economy where people ship it to people. I used got my moto360 delivered by a lady in NY in few days after launch in the US. Love it!!

  6. This service is beyond bad, it was two weeks from when the item was marked as delivered on Amazon to when it appeared in my items. Now it’s been sitting, paid in my queue for 3 days and it still hasn’t shipped. There are no responses to emails and no communication what so ever. Please I beg you to use another service. Unless you feel the need to be ripped off and ignored then go ahead, enjoy.

    • i agree i tried it out and it took forever and i ended up spending way more money on postage than i would have if i didnt use this service!

    they have overcharged me with 2 parcels by adding centimetres when calculating the cubic weigh, they stretch bags out to beyond the size of the clothing .. Eg parcel 2 which is a pair of size 2 toddler pants I am being charged $42.90 being 24.95 plus 1.5kgs cubic weight. Being 27cmx 41cm x 5cm the size of an A3 sheet of paper!!
    I have now lodged a complaint with the ombudsman because it’s just NOT RIGHT.
    I’ve tried to have my concerns addressed by Australia post (3 cases opened and closed) but the customer service guys basically hide behind the fact that shop mate is owned by Singapore and that there’s nothing they can do!!

  8. If you are considering using Auspost’s freightforwarding service Shopmate, please google “SHOPMATE REVIEWS ” first! 1.1 out of 5 on Productreview is probably too generous.

  9. I work for and they are an alternative. PacMe was founded by my boss, an American living overseas who tried out too many other services and was always disappointed so he decided to create a way to do it better. PacMe’s expertise is repacking and consolidating for those larger online shopping sprees. So, you can shop at multiple stores (sales tax-free because the PacMe address is in Oregon) and PacMe will repack and consolidate everything into a tightly packed outgoing box. You control everything with the easy to use online system, can see photos of your incoming items and choose your shipping carrier (PacMe has discounts with UPS, USPS, FedEx and DHL). Customer service is awesome too! Give it a try if you have multiple purchases to make online in the USA.

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