Bonza Bronz Xtend Self Tan Creme and Gentle Body Wash – Review

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Bonza Bronz Xtend Self Tan Creme

In the past I’ve used a gradual tan crème as well as an instant spray tan in a can and found both with their drawbacks. It’s hard to know what colour you’ll end up with in a gradual tan until it’s fully developed and I’ve found the spray can spray far more than my skin and can be messy to clean up after. So I was keen to try this instant tan crème.

The dark brown coloured plastic stand up tube with eye catching white print stands out and is also easy to read on the reverse with regard to directions. I think the angled writing made it easier to read to.

I applied it late in the evening and had shaved my legs and used a body scrub in the shower that morning to aid exfoliation. I also dry body brush every morning.

The flip top opening makes for easy one handed use and snaps securely tight too. Only takes a gentle squeeze of the soft tube to dispense and amount of crème. Quite shocked at first, the colour of the crème is a very dark brown! As per the directions, I applied it onto my body using circular motions. Onto my legs (which haven’t seen any sun all winter) and also my stomach (very pasty white!) The texture was perfect – not too thick, nor runny, and spread easily and blended in well. It doesn’t have a lot of aroma and I’d best describe it as smelling like lollies – juicy snake lollies in fact, my favourite!

I tried to work quickly as the palm of my hand was becoming stained in colour. Directions do say to apply the crème onto their brand of tanning mitt, but unfortunately I didn’t have any mitt, but it’s something I would invest in for future use. I washed my hand immediately after, using a pumice based soap and colour all washed off. Went to bed an hour later and there had been no colour staining on my sheets the following morning.

Next day I was very pleased with the colour achieved. In fact, the colour is very true to the colour I do go when I tan in summer. A lovely bronze tan, not at all orange-y and very close to the shade my arms already are. Colour was even, apart from a few slightly darker patches on my knees, but this is purely due to my lack of technique and I did find it went in a day or two.

I was surprised at how long it has lasted, considering I dry body brush every morning as well as going to deep aqua exercise classes 4 times in the week (45 minute class in a chlorinated pool) and showering daily.

Deeper colour started to fade after 3 -4 days, but even after 8 days, my legs and stomach still have some colour left.

The tube is 200mls and even though I only used it only legs and stomach, this would last me for many applications, even doing my entire body.

I will definitely be using this during summer, investing in a tanning mitt and would reapply it every 4 days to keep the colour going.

before and after

Bonza Body Wash

The body wash comes in the same packaging as the Self Tan Creme, only being a light moss green colour rather than chocolate brown, with labeling easy to read.

The wash is cream in colour and thicker than a usual body wash. As per directions, I applied a small amount onto my palm and washed my body, rinsing after. I did this prior to tanning as well as using it as my body wash in the shower every day after tanning.

I found I needed to use a few small amounts in my palm to thoroughly wash myself and it cleansed well (even the sunscreen that I’d used after my deep aqua exercise class) and it also had that same lovely aroma as the tanning crème, except stronger, and it definitely smells like the red snake lollies that I love! And it felt very refreshing afterwards.

This tube is also in a 200ml size and I used it quite generously and have used about half of it. If I’m going to use a fake tan during the summer months, I will definitely invest in a product that will protect and prolong the life of my tan, rather than have it wash down the drain!

This product is sulphate-free and is not tested on animals and as well, it’s been researched and developed and made in Australia!


The Bonza Bronz Xtend Self Tan Creme ($29.95) and Body Wash ($21.95) can be purchased online from the ioda Brands website.


Are you a self tanner or do you prefer to get your tan professionally done?

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