Taking A Look At: Sin-Care + Sleep Doctor & Sugar Hit Booster Serums – Review

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Today I’ll be introducing you to Sin-Care, an Australian brand that has taken an innovative approach to skincare. Established in 2010 by Kimberley Pearson after 5 years of research, Sin-Care focusses on Lifestyle Ageing.

sincare sugar hit sleep doctor booster serums

At the anti-ageing forefront and, redefining how we view it, Sin-Care is a pioneering company that has re-invented the skincare wheel with its innovative system of high performance facial care to address Lifestyle Ageing.

The brand merges science with smart, powerful and key actives to improve the health of the skin and deliver noticeable, effective and lasting results.

Sin-Care is based on skin care SINS. It is difficult to be a skin perfectionist all of the time. Yet most damage is caused to the skin through lifestyle. Prevent damage, address damage and protect skin from damage with Sin-Care.

The Sin-Care brand only produces premium serums and there are currently 9 variations, each targeting a different Lifestyle Ageing factor:

• Line Rewind ~ revitalising time poor and neglected skin.
• Party Girl ~ recharging late night skins.
• Relaxation Sensation ~ for stressed out skins.
• Skin Coach ~ for fitter skin post workout.
• Sleep Doctor ~ for signs of fatigue from lack of sleep.
• Smokers Secret ~ to improve the skin until you shake the habit.
• Sugar Hit ~ for high sugar indulgence.
• Sun Goddess ~ when you’ve overdone it in the sun.
• Urban Renewal ~ to defend and repair city dwelling skins.

Being a Uni student, there are 2 things I am guilty of, one is not getting enough sleep and the other is indulging in sweets which both do noticably affect the skin’s appearance.

The Sugar Hit Booster Serum from Sin-Care ”addresses glycation, a process where sugar molecules bind and destroy proteins and lipids in the skin.  This in turn causes collagen and elastin to become stiff and twisted, taking away the plumpness and sweetness of youth from our skin.” It contains ingredients such as: Uva Ursi Leaf Extract, Lychee Extract, Glycogen, Hyaluronic Acid and Ginseng which all work to protect, revitalise and stimulate the skin’s properties. After using the serum for

The Sleep Doctor Booster Serum‘s ”high performance, concentrated formula banishes signs of puffiness, dark circles and dryness, revving up radiance and jump-starting hydration levels.” With Horse Chestnut, Pineapple Extract, Rosemary Extract and more, this serum aims to regenerate and renew the skin whilst fighting the signs of stress.

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Both 50ml serums are housed in lovely glass bottles and come with a pump dispenser. The texture of the serums is something I’ve not experienced with other serums as this product has a slight moisturiser like texture to it. Best massaged onto the face, the serums absorb quite quickly into the skin and dont leave any sticky or greasy residue on the skin at all. It’s texture also ensures that while this is a serum, it is also quite hydrating for the skin, giving it an extra boost of hydration before you follow up with your regular moisturiser. The serums have a pleasant scent that doesn’t irritate the skin at all. The serums can be used alone or under a moisturiser.

The results from using Sugar Hit were very pleasing as I found my skin was not only left feeling very hydrated and therefore, soft and plump but it definitely helped give my skin a natural appearance of being ‘more awake’ and less dull which tends to happen to my skin as the seasons change and my skin tries to adapt to different conditions. Overall, my skin was left with a brighter complexion.

Out of the two serums, I found that the Sleep Doctor made the greatest impact on my skin! I definitely dont get enough sleep as I should due to Uni and my demanding course and I do think it plays an impact on my skin! My skin tends to get more dull if I’m suffering from lack of sleep and most notably, the dark circles under my eyes become much more prominent. This serum did an amazing job at combating these issues. Sleep Doctor left my skin very hydrated and gave it an ”inner lit” glow, leaving my skin looking much healthier and smoother in appearance. My skin appeared to be clearer and less dull. To test out its effects on dark circles, I stopped using an eye cream and just took this serum up to the under eye area and I think it actually worked better than the eye cream and reducing the darkness of the circles! They were much less prominent than they used to be after a period of low sleep and this serum hydrated the area very well too.

The Sin-Care Booster Serums can be purchased from their website for $80.00 each.


Which Sin-Care Serum would best suit your lifestyle?

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