Paul Mitchell Twirl Around Crunch Free Curl Definer – Review

This review was written by the lovely Luisa (beautybyizz) via the Tried and Tested Blog Review Team.

When I first received this product, I was immediately intrigued by its presentation. I love how you can see the product twirled into the bottle and how you can easily see if you’re running out, due to its transparency. This does, however, give the impression that there’s a lot more product when in reality it’s still only 150mL.

The product itself is fragranced and on first use I disliked its scent. I’ve since gotten used to it and don’t mind it as much, also seeing as though the scent stays with you while you’re wearing the product.

Its texture is a combination of a mousse and a gel and its noticeable white appearance in the hair disappears fairly quickly, thankfully. I found 2 pumps into my fairly long and thick hair was sufficient but this also depends on the state of your hair at the time.

It is suggested to “emulsify in hands” and then “scrunch in to exaggerate curls and waves.” I found this technique appropriate but also tended to simply work the product into my hair like a mousse, concentrating on mid-end lengths. This allowed the product to de-frizz my hair as intended whilst giving some sense of definition to my curls.


I wouldn’t say it dramatically improves my curls and gives me perfect ringlets but it did work substantially well to tame my unruly fuzz. It also isn’t too long lasting, I would say, and should be topped up possibly if desired to last all day.

The product also seemed to add some degree of shine to my hair, which I liked, but left behind a residue I found slightly unpleasant and made my hair feel texturized and hardly smooth. As claimed, however, it is “crunch free” which definitely sets it apart from other products I’ve tried.

In summary, it is a fairly decent product and I would recommend it to any of you with frizzy curls looking to tame them, however, it isn’t a miracle worker and won’t end all your hair problems.


To find out more about the Paul Mitchell brand, their products and Australian stockists, visit the Paul Mitchell Australian Website or phone the Paul Mitchell Australian Consumer Hotline – 1300 365 350.

Although Paul Mitchell products can be purchased online from various websites, authenticity of the Paul Mitchell products can only be guaranteed when purchased from a professional hairdresser. The Paul Mitchell brand does not conduct or endorse animal testing.


Do you use a product on your curls to tame or define them?

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