The Products That Just Didn’t Work For Me In 2014

Hi everyone,

Today I’ll my sharing my thoughts on some beauty products that I tried in 2014 but didn’t like! Obviously they aren’t awful products but they just didn’t work for me. Some of the products below are ones loved by many and are really well known but they didn’t perform as well as I had expected and imagined them to be.

products that just didnt work for meGarnier Tinted Eye Roll On – I cant seem to find the exact image of the one I tried as I think it may be discontinued. While I really liked the metal roller ball to cool and de-puff under the eye, I found the tinted formula to be really thin and unable to cover any dark circles and the shade seemed to oxidise throughout the day, causing it to become more orange.

Olay Fresh Effects Va Va Vivid Cleansing System – I found the cleanser to be stripping on my normal-dry skin but I was most interested in trying the brush which is shaped much more differently to the other cleansing brushes on the market. I found its rubber bristles to be too large to really clean out the pores and it was too gentle as I didn’t find a difference  in my skin after using it to cleanse.

Australis Eyeshadow Primer – I’d heard amazing things about this primer and I was really struggling with my oily lids at the time so I rushed to give this a go. Unfortunately the formula was quite greasy and didn’t mattify my eyelids at all! The design of the tube is also a let down as it’s hard to really get a good amount of product on the brush.

Australis Tint My Brow – While the Dark Brown shade did seem a little red in the tube, I wanted to give it a go anyway but found that the formula was just too red for my dark brows and fair skin.

Transformulas Eye Lifting Gel* – This is a favourite of lots of celebrities, including Victoria Beckham and Elizabeth Hurley so I really expected wonders with this product. I really love the doe foot applicator to apply the clear gel but I used it for over a month and didn’t see any immediate or long term differences as promised. It also leaves a slight tacky feel after application.

Jordana Best Lash Extreme Volumising Mascara – I must be the only one in the world who doesn’t like this mascara! I’m not sure if I received a bad tube but I found the formula didn’t really lengthen or volumise my lashes and instead left them clumpy and a bit hairy looking because the formula was quite thick/dry.

VS Sassoon Big Hair Styler 1000 – The first time I tried this styler, I really struggled but a few months ago I decided to dig it out and try it again but it was just too hard to use! It’s quite large and I struggled to control the rotations which led to my hair being tangled and stuck on the brush.

Schick Intuition Pure Nourishment Razor – At first, I really liked this razor as although it is quite bulky, it was very moisturising and the blades were sharp but after just a few full uses, the blades became blunt and the conditioning solid wore away unevenly.


Have you tried any of these products?

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18 responses to “The Products That Just Didn’t Work For Me In 2014

  1. Love hearing about products that didn’t work.
    I’ve noticed that those that love the Jordana mascara are often false lash wearers. Just an impression, but means I haven’t rushed to try it despite the attractive price point.
    Wishing you all the best for 2015 and looking forward to another great year reading your blog 😀

    • Oh, now that you point it out, I do see that too! I dont mind lashes for big parties or occasions but I definitely dont wear them on a daily basis. I’ve seen the mascara being used in YT videos and it makes their lashes look amazing but I just couldn’t replicate that on my lashes.

      Thank you so much Pink Hornet, wishing you an amazing 2015 also! x

  2. Agree with the Garnier rollerball. I also found it could pinch the delicate under-eye skin which isn’t cool. Ages ago they used to make an SOS gel pen for spots which was a miracle product and when they changed to a rollerball format, it wasn’t as good. Take note: Garnier!

  3. Did not like the Intuition razor one bit, the block was far too big and bulky and I cut my knees every single time I used it. it got to the point where I skipped my knees altogether because it made me so nervous. I called Schick to give my feedback and they were good enough to send me a Hydro Five razor to try which is far easier to use. You have to use a separate cream or gel but it’s definitely better than the Intuition-induced anxiety!

  4. I’ve only just started using the Jordana mascara recently and I can’t see what all the fuss is about quite yet – I’m hoping it gets better when it dries out a little bit!

    Ash /

  5. I really liked the Garnier Rollerball concealer- its one of the few I’ve tried that didn’t settle under my eyes. I didn’t have any issues with colour oxidising. I too disliked the Australis Primer- didn’t feel like it did anything to promote longevity of my eyeshadow.

    • Just goes to show how differently products work for each person! I’m still on the hunt for a ‘drugstore’ primer that actually works on my oily lids but I’ve been using the Too Faced Shadow Insurance which works well!

  6. It’s always interesting to see what didn’t work for other people. The olay cleansing system was okay but not amazing, and the brush kinda freaks me out still lol

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