The Beauty Behind The Blog – BLOGGER Q & A – Renee from Reneehartsthis

This week’s The Beauty Behind The Blog, Blogger Q & A is with Renee, the passionate blogger behind Reneehartsthis.

the beauty behind the blog

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your blog!
Hello my name is Renee and I am the creator of Reneehartsthis, a lifestyle and Beauty Blog. I have a big interest in organic and natural beauty products and cosmetics but I mainly concentrate on Cruelty Free products. My Lifestyle posts are usually recipes or information about the way animals are treated in the commercial industry. I have so much fun writing and researching new products to bring your way!

Your one piece of beauty blogging advice to those just starting out.
My one piece of advice would be to blog because you love it, not for followers or fame. It takes ages to get followers and only a few of them may be regular readers. I actually started blogging because I love to write and because I know a bit about makeup starting a beauty blog was the obvious choice for me.

Your makeup inspiration comes from…
Oh, I don’t really have a makeup inspiration. I like to work with my natural features and I dont like anything too dramatic, so I tend to just wear lightly coloured makeup that makes me feel comfortable.


Is not to prime really a crime?
Haha I never prime.

Your favourite TV show.
I don’t watch television shows, the ads are noisy and they annoy me. I head straight to DVD’s. I love the BBC Period Dramas like Downton Abbey and Call the Midwife. The Vicar of Dibley, Mr Bean and IT Crowd always cheer me up if I’m having a bad day.

One quote you live by.
You only live once.”

Head over to Reneehartsthis for great beauty posts. You can also find Renee on social media:

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