Dirty Works ‘Get Set Glow’ Mini Luxuries Set – Review

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One of the hardest things for me to pack for a weekend/week away are body care and things to use in the shower because while I opt to take sample sizes with me, most of the time they just cant last the whole trip! However, I’ve discovered a mini set that covers all you would ever want in a body care routine that’s both affordable and perfectly sized!

The Dirty Works ‘Get Set Glow’ Mini Luxuries Set is an all in one set containing:

  • Bare Necessity Body Lotion 100ml
  • Buff Your Stuff Body Scrub 50ml
  • Think of England Bath Soak 100ml
  • All of a Lather Body Wash 50ml

dirty works get set glow mini luxuries set

The Body Lotion smells lovely and has a creamy texture that isn’t too heavy and when massaged in, it left the skin feeling hydrated and very soft. It didn’t leave an overly tacky or greasy feel to the skin either which is great if you need to get ready fast. The Body Scrub has a texture that isn’t too rough or too smooth and it really allows you to buff and exfoliate the skin well, leaving it super smooth without leaving your skin feeling dry. Unfortunately I dont have a bath so I used the Bath Soak as a bit of a shower gel and it worked great in that role too! It’s able to lather up and bathe the skin well whilst leaving it feeling fresh and moisturised. I found the Body Wash worked best on a shower puff to create a lather before being used and after that, it left the skin feeling fresh and clean.

I think this Mini Luxuries Set is great value and contains a lovely combination of products that work well together and the size of each of the products isn’t too large which makes them easy to travel with but still sufficient enough to last the whole period away from home! My favourites from the set would be the Bath Soak and Body Lotion.

Dirty Works Products can be purchased from Target and Coles Supermarkets. The Dirty Works ‘Get Set Glow’ Mini Luxuries Set retails for $14.95.


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