Introducing: Bondi Laces + GIVEAWAY!

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Today I want to introduce you all to an Australian brand, Bondi Laces, who are not only helping you look great but also incorporate a wonderful initiative to help disadvantaged children all over the world.

Whilst on our travels around Australia, we broke our shoe laces. Looking all over Australia we simply could not find a quality shoelace that was guaranteed to outlast your shoes…We set out to create a solution, the result is Bondi Laces.

We set out to create a brand that’s different – different because we want to focus on creating a sustainable business that gives back. We’ve partnered up with a rapidly growing charity organisation – Pencils of Promise- that helps educate children across South-East Asia, Africa and Latin America…For every pair of laces you purchase, we will provide one month education to a child in need.


There are 31 different lace colours to choose from (such as Tim Tam, Emu Grey & Tamarama Teal) but you also have the option of customising the polished copper tips to silver, gold or rose gold which I love as you’re really able to choose a style best suited to you or your shoe! The brand also provides a 10 year guarantee on the laces.


I am however, most impressed by their Pay It Forward initiative. For quite a new brand I really admire that they’re striving to make a different in society which is something we dont really see a lot of these days. For each pair of laces sold, Bondi Laces will provide one whole month of education for a child in need and with ”250 million children of primary school age lack basic reading, writing and math skills”, I think that it’s a worthy cause to support and with one pair of laces only costing $17.00, you can see how such a small amount can actually make quite a difference in a child’s life and that’s why I really wanted to share this brand with you all and help spread the word on the good work that they’re doing!

Now I know some of you may not wear shoes that need laces but I’ve come across such an inventive way to wear the laces! I spotted fifideluxeblog on Instagram sporting the laces as a cool fashion piece.



This giveaway is being held on my Instagram page (@triedandtestedblog) and Bondi Laces has kindly provided you the chance to win 2 pairs of Bondi Laces in your choice of colours (there are 31 to choose from!) as well as your choice of silver, gold or rose gold tips!

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