Learn About The New Indeed Laboratories Fillume Product Range From Dia Foley, VP of Sales and Marketing at Indeed Labs

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Indeed Laboratories will be launching a new skincare line into Australia this month! The fillume line consists of a volumising moisturiser and a volumising serum. I was given the lovely opportunity to ask Dia Foley, VP of Sales and Marketing at Indeed Laboratories, some questions about the new range so that you can get some information about the new products before they hit stores!

fillume serum moisturiser indeed laboratories dia foley interview1. What is a volumising moisturiser?
It’s a topical moisturiser designed to target the appearance of subtle facial volume loss leaving skin looking plumper, firmer and smoother with every use.
2. What are some of the key ingredients in these products and their benefits?
Providing a natural alternative to cosmetic treatments such as facial fillers and injectables, the innovative formula of fillume volumising moisturiser features 5 key actives including:

  • LINEFILL, a natural active produced from the seeds of sesame, which helps enhance fat cells for a wrinkle smoothing effect.
  • Sym 3D helps to stimulate fat cells to correct and bring volume to the skin through a unique dual mode action, resulting in added plumpness.
  • PatcH20 is a molecular network of natural biopolymers with a high concentration of a moisturising complex containing glycerin, it provides immediate and long-lasting hydration by creating a protective film over the skin’s surface to help reduce water evaporation.

3. What type of skin issues are these products targeted towards?
Indeed Labs develops products that are designed to target specific skin concerns. fillume offers both a serum and a moisturiser that help to improve the appearance of facial volume loss caused by skin aging or sudden facial weight loss.
4. Will the fillume volumising serum also launch in the Australian market at the same time?
Yes, they have both launched in AUS this month (March 16th). By applying both the serum and the moisturiser together,the skin will benefit from the serum by helping to restore its structure and firmness and  with the moisturiser, by helping to increase its volume and enhancing the appearance of fullness.


The Indeed Laboratories fillume volumising moisturiser (30ml) will retail for $39.99 while the fillume volumising serum (30ml) will be $34.99. Both will be on shelves in Priceline on March 16th!

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