The Beauty Behind The Blog – BLOGGER Q & A – Lucy from Skeeter and Scout

This week’s The Beauty Behind The Blog, Blogger Q & A is with Lucy, the amazing blogger behind Skeeter and Scout & The Wanderlust Scout.

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Tell us a little bit about yourself and your blog!
I have always hated when people asked me to tell them a little about myself. Mostly because I hate talking about myself, and also, because I find myself rather dull (who wants dull ha)!. But hey, I am willing to bite the bullet.

My name is Lucy Pilz, and I am a Social Media Manager by day, and blogger and freelance writer by night. I am a Pisces; LOVE to travel and see the world; a seriously passion for Pizza Shapes, Macarons, Diet Coke, chocolate and Dr Oetker Hawaiian Pizza; am overly sympathetic; and love my sleep and trashy TV

I blog at two blogs (because apparently I don’t like to have much of a life). The first one is Skeeter and Scout; a beauty and lifestyle blog that tackles the dry with a heap of humour. Hey, I even throw reference to my (not so) secret celebrity crush: Keith-Richards-channelling, crotch-grabbing-lothario, Harry Styles! #AintAshamedToAdmit.

My second blog, The Wanderlust Scout, is a travel blog. It is a newbie that I started to document my big move to London (in Feb 2015) and also all my travels. It will act as a site to help other people wanting to move countries, or whom love their travel. It too is fun, but educational (in parts) and will be both personal and informative (heck, I am always looking for content contributors if anyone is keen).

The story behind your blog’s name.
I get asked this a lot!

Skeeter and Scout pays homage to two of my all-time, favourite female book characters – Skeeter from The Help, and Scout from To Kill a Mockingbird. Both these characters were strong-willed and wanted to make a difference, and in a way, resonated with who I am as an individual – trying to make my mark on the world (one beauty product at a time ha)!

The Wanderlust Scout came off the back of Skeeter and Scout. And, because I like uniformity, I thought I would translate something over to the new site, so the whole ‘Scout’ part did. And the rest is history 🙂

Your biggest beauty pet peeve.
How much time do I have haha?!… Hmmm, probably bronzer that is too harsh and not blended in – nobody can pull that off, and it certainly doesn’t look natural.

skeeter and scout

3 products you’re currently loving and why.

  • Kerastase Lacque Noir – cause I have a hairspray addiction and it just quenches it. Also, it is not heavy and smells like heaven (or what I would imagine Harry Style’s sweat to smell like ha)!
  • MV Oxygen Formula Moisturiser – my skin has been singing hallejuahs since I introduced it to my skincare routine, seriously! It is a current obsession of mine because I have quite damaged skin and love me some air-conditioning, so it helps to revitalise and inject much-needed antioxidants.
  • TheBalm Mary Lou Manizer – cause radiance is just something I cannot get naturally, and this little makeup miracle has people gushing about how healthy I look #FakeItTillYaMakeIt

Your favourite fragrance.
Jo Malone Wood Sea Salt and Sage AND Marc Jacobs Eau De Parfum (expensive, but so punchy and statement-worthy)!

The song you can’t stop listening to.
Suppose it is predictable after my Harry Style love confession ha, but I do currently have One Direction’s Night Changes stuck in my head. Oh, and Blank Space by Taylor Swift (and all the acoustic copies… ahhmazing)!


Head over to Skeeter and Scout & The Wanderlust Scout for great beauty, lifestyle and travel posts. You can also find Lucy on social media:

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  • Facebook: skeeterandscout / wanderlustscout


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